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Knowledge Gained and the Personal Assessment

Knowledge Gained and the Personal Assessment

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource

Introduction and Purpose of the Paper

Human Resource Practitioners who do their duties in the present world have challenges that require them to develop competencies that are entirely different from the set of abilities that were present a few years ago. These competencies will help them in meeting the diverse needs of the stakeholders found in the 21st century (Mclean, Ho, Lo, Teo & Nguyen, 2015). The competencies will assist them in making business decisions and adoption of the organizational goals. These competencies will also help them in thriving under the existing conditions where there is a lot of uncertainty within the organization. In the 21st century, the HR officers should continuously develop competencies that can assist the organization in the development of high levels of productivity and in increasing the level of innovativeness within the organization.

The purpose of this paper is to espouse the Human Resource Competencies especially in their application in the organization. This paper will have a full definition of the Human Resource competencies, besides that this paper will also have personal evaluation of the own competencies that someone could have and the risk of not being competent enough in the organization.

Human Resource Competencies for the 21st century

Academic Definition of the Human Resource Competencies terms

Competence is defined as the measure of the performance of the individual which is anticipated on the basis of the past performance of this individual with a view to predict how this person is going to perform in the organization and how this performance is going to have an impact on the growth and the development of the organization (,n.d).

According to Cassidy (1990), the human resource competencies are a collection of the skills, the knowledge, abilities and attitude which in a collective manner contribute to the increase in the performance of an individual in a given area in the organization based on the kind of responsibility that this person has been given in the organization(,n.d).. The specific competencies which are possessed by the employees and which are desired by the employers in the Human Resource Department are related to the concepts of management, offering employees key roles, strategy, business and professional development and creating a model in which there is sufficient skills transfer between the organizational employees. (Mclean, Ho, Lo, Teo & Nguyen, 2015)

The value that is added to the Vintage Bakery (Organization) through the development of the Human Resource Competencies in the 21st century

Human Resource Competencies will assist in the personality development of the employees that will enable them to be proactive and to take on challenging activities within the organization(Skirkanth, 2020). These people will be more open to experience i.e. in the experiencing of new tasks; they will be extraverted and agreeable. An agreeable worker is one that does not bring problems to the rest of the organization employers because he easily agrees to what he is being told and this also assists him in posting high and superior performance at the work place. These employees will be more conscientiousness. It is this conscientiousness that will assist them to develop further skills like being extremely hard working, motivated, flexible and having a sense of initiative(Skirkanth, 2020).

In the organization, the new competencies will also create an atmosphere where there is totally new sense of innovation, bringing on board the ideas of other people and the promotion of the overall skills of the employees in the Information Technology dispensation. For our organization, some of these competencies will help the Human Resource to create a template that the marketing officers can use in getting better and a more value from the work that they do, using data to predict the trends in the market, generating quite useful insights that can be helpful to the organization and using the information to craft strategies that can be used by the firm in moving ahead, achieving some goals ahead of their time and moving one step beyond the competitors(Skirkanth, 2020).

Specific Example of the Human Resource Competencies in Practice in the 21st Century

The Human Resource Competency that has wide applications and is a real life example that could be applied in the organization is the concept of real life awareness, the cross cultural competencies and the technical capabilities of the Human Resource Staff within the organization. The cross cultural competency is applied to a human resource worker who has experience and who has worked in different countries therefore he has obtained a certain level of competency. This competency can be used in the retraining of the employees in a bid to create a work environment that is not toxic but one which fosters cooperation and peace(Staff, 2018).

The technical capabilities will help the organization properly navigate through leveraging new technologies that will ensure that competent staff is hired in the organization within a short time. For example, if the Human Resource department have the necessary skills that will apply the video conferencing facilities to study and test the new employees and then using the same technology to quickly embark on the process of skills transfer between the organization and this group of employees(Staff, 2018). These skills will also help the organization in the streamlining of the work processes to an extent where the organization can identify the areas of loss and areas where cost saving is allowed. From here, the specific resources that are saved are properly deployed to other areas in the organization. For instance, if the organization is able to save at least $ 30,000 through the elimination of the wastes in the organization, a big portion of this monies will be used in the development of marketing strategies or in the designing of new products in the organization that will push the profitability upwards(Staff, 2018).

Risks of Not Utilizing the Concept

If the organization does not properly utilize the competencies, it will face the risk of lagging behind and using Human Resource rules and concepts that are redundant and not progressive in the organization. It will face the risk of being run over by the competitors who are competitive and who are more forward looking in the organization. It will face the risk of the executives of the organization only focusing on the functional aspects of the organization and not the strategies of the firm.

Personal Evaluation of Own Competencies in the Human Resource Competencies.

I wouldn’t say that am a person who is extremely competent in the 21ST century human resource skills but what I am is an individual who constantly works hard to wards the improvement of self. For instance, I have enrolled in several online courses which I think will help me in the furtherance and in the overall development of my career. I have enrolled in an online course where I leant about world religions and cultures so that am able to not only understand but also appreciate the cultures of other people. I have also enrolled in Information Technology Courses that will enhance my capability in leveraging on the technology and ensuring that the organization that I work for is well on the track of development of the right skills, attitudes and features that can help it grow and even compete in the 21st century. I understand that gaining some of these competencies is a continuous work in progress. I value interactions with other people cause I know that one can also develop key competencies just by interacting with other people in the organization.

Continuous Development of the Concept and How I will Help Apply the Concept in the Vintage Bakery Organization

To continuously develop this concept, I will put in place strategies that will assist the company in training and development of the workers especially on certain concepts like I.T and diversity which are useful in the 21st century. Adding value to the organization especially in the development of the Human Resource Competencies will be a gradual process. It will not be a one-time activity. It will begin from the top of the organization and it will focus on the incorporation of the culture of innovation, critical thinking and strategic thinking within the organization.


Competencies in the Human Resource Management will assist the organization in having the employees the needs to compete and the diverse needs of the stakeholders. Some of the key competencies include being innovative and incorporating strategic thinking within the organization. Competencies are also about a collection of skills and knowledge that are relevant for use in the 21st century.


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