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Jin, Ha. Love in the Air. Green Wood Press, 1977. Oates, Carol. Three Girls. GRIN Publishing, 2013

Explain what you think is the story's central conflict in Love in the Air by Ha Jin. Is it resolved?

Additionally, locate some moments in the plot when the author creates suspense. Where is the plot's climax?

Describe the manner in which the narrator tells her story in Three Girls by Joyce Carol Oates. What do you think is the central point of the story? Why do you think Marilyn Monroe is so prominent in the story's plot? Which passages are especially effective in revealing her as an undergraduate in love?

Reading books


The story by Joyce Carol Oates portrays the characters of three girls who as put forth by the author happen to be the main characters in the book. The story happened in Strand Used Books in the New York. The works by Joyce concerning the characters is delivered to the audience in a manner that is straight forward, which involves showing and not just telling strategy. The story basically talks about romance. The two young girls who happen to be lesbians are also aspiring poets and the audience is told of the first night that they kissed each other.

The third girl called Marilyn Monroe is introduced to the readers and she is met by the other two girls who were in their romantic date. Apart from her beauty, Monroe is also an actress as well as a character that doesn’t change as compared to the other two. As much as the two other characters continued to stare at her, she continued without any destruction reading through her poetry. It is true according to the author that Marilyn Monroe was not destructed and continued with her reading of books. This clearly portrays a character in her who knows what she is doing and to what time. Her agenda in the book store was to go and read her favorite poetry book. This shows her to be not interested in love (Oates, 2013. p. 79).


Oates, Carol. Three Girls. GRIN Publishing, 2013.


This story is focused towards the main theme of love. In so many situations, human beings are not only surrounded by love, but they are also controlled by love. The audience is introduced to a man Big Kang, who is very much stressed and is always thinking about a woman whom he fell in love with over the phone. The man imagines how his stay with a woman will satisfy his emotions and anxiety, which happens to be the most important aspect of his life with having babies together (Jin, 1977).

It is important to note that, this love story moves from longing to loathing and also from wonder to adoration. The struggle to forget imagining this woman becomes so much that he feels he should run away, just for the sake of forgetting about the woman. This suspense happens to every person under normal circumstances in life. The situation even overwhelms him more when he isolated from the situation and he realized how powerful his feelings were.

Thus, this is resolved through isolation which made his mind to settle. It is at this point that the climax of the plot is reached as he realizes with an open mind the opportunities that are there in the outside world at the expense of being attached to someone whom he had never even met.

Work cited

Jin, Ha. Love in the Air. Green Wood Press, 1977.

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