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It has been stated that, as is often true with frame conflicts, the misunderstanding could be easily

It has been stated that, as is often true with frame conflicts, the misunderstanding could be easily resolved if either party stepped back to reflect and try a different approach, instead of plunging resolutely down the same path.

In the video clip, located in the Week Six Documents and Resources folder, you will see how misunderstanding resulting from divergent frames (interpretations) can snowball into a more challenging situation.

The full video transcript is available in Documents and Resources (Week Six).

After watching the video;

Apply the knowledge you have gained from the last six weeks of this course.

Consider whether in a given situation, one or more frames are more helpful in understanding and addressing an issue?

Analysis - Explain "why." You may offer additional examples to support your answer.

The video Who’s on First gives a perfect example at how communication breakdowns can escalate quickly (NYYGehrig, 2012). If he would have broken down the players names and positions in a different way, the other person would have understood it better. The listener was also in the wrong by not processing what he was saying, he thought he was right so he automatically cuts the other person off when he is talking. An effective leader must know when and how to change their frame of mindset to fit the situation at hand. Harmonizing the frames and crafting inventive responses to new circumstances are essential to both management and leadership (Bolman & Deal, 2017). Bolman & Deal (2017) state that choosing a frame to size thing up or understand others’ perspectives involves a combination of analysis, intuition, and artistry.

I can count numerous situations where I wish I approached something with a different frame to get a better end result. For example, one time I was put in charge of my group project at work and there was 4 of us in the group. I started out with a more structural and political approach to this project and did not really give the opportunity for feedback, more of a direction because I had a specific idea in mind. I was looking at how to get to the end, but now the steps we needed to take. After countless days of frustration, I asked my team for feedback because we were not getting the results I wanted. I should have approached the project with a more open HR and symbolic approach. When there is input from the whole team, it makes everyone feel heard and appreciated.

Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (2017). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership.

Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Brand.

NYYGehrig. (2012, August 16). Abbott & Costello Who’s On First. YouTube.

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