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INFO331 WK4: Security of Your Information System

1. As thoroughly as possible, describe the security components of your approved information system. For discussion of server-side components, it is okay to make reasonable educated assumptions based on what you know about the typical configuration of the server-side of a client / server system.

2. Discuss any security concerns or vulnerabilities that your approved information system has.

Facebook security components is its privacy basics. "We have top-rate security measures in place to help protect you and your data when you use Facebook. Secure browsing is one way that we protect your information. Your activity (ex: posting a status or sending a message) is encrypted, which means it’s turned into code so people can't access it without your permission. If you accidentally click on a spammy post, we have tools to detect if you have viruses on your computer and help you remove it. When it comes to your personal information, we don’t share it without your permission (unless required by law)" (Facebook privacy basics, 2022). Facebook’s server-side API for web (also known as the server-side pixel) helps brands to combine big-value customers events, as well as off-site conversions, direct from their server to Facebook’s. "The server-side API for web allows retailers to track online and in-store events such as phone calls, email sign-ups, and off-site purchases" (Using Facebook's conversion API, 2021).

Facebook with all its improved privacy basics and security components will always have holes that can be exposed for vulnerabilities and threats. A good example I have experienced plenty of times on my Facebook and Messenger accounts is the I think this is you scam message, you open it up and now your Facebook account is hacked. The scam is they will use your account disguised as you and message any of your Facebook friends for a phishing scam to get their personal information and bank account info, and other extreme scams, making like your stranded somewhere and need financial help to travel back home. I have accidentally open those scam messages in the past and would change my password right away but now when I see them I just message the real friend that their account got hacked and to change their password or to the extreme of blocking the account.


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