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INFO331- WK2: Hardware & Software of Your Chosen Information System

1. As thoroughly as possible, describe the hardware and software requirements of your chosen information system. Be sure to consider both the server-side and client-side hardware and software. If you do not have access to specific details about the server-side hardware and software, make reasonable assumptions based on the kind of hardware and software that you believe would be necessary to run your system.

In reference to the discussion last week, I was approved to continue and eventually present a project on the health and fitness website called Gainful. The basis of this site is to provide supplements, mainly pre-workout and post-exercise protein blends to a variety of athletes depending on your goals and body type. The premise is that you take a quiz on these facets of your physical fitness, at which point they formulate and recommend a specific blend for you of those two products. Now, because this service is provided exclusively online, and is advertised primarily from a mobile stand-point, I would view that they essentially take no hardware in order to accomplish this. I am assuming this because I believe this business, along with most online based providers today utilize the cloud storage functionality or capability in order to

register and store orders, as well as store the results and information of quizzes provided by perspective customers. In addition to this, I believe solely software capability, or even cookies hosted in the client’s machine, is responsible for storing current order information, as well as payment information on file that is transacted on the same date every month. I would almost liken it to a think client that can only transact when prompted, but does not actually store payment or personal information. Ideally, I think the server side would provide the cloud computing and CRM necessary in order to store past order information as well as provide the online forum in which to place your order and keep your current “cart” available in order to make transactions.

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