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INFO331- WK1 Introductions & Choosing Your Information System dic

Questions: (Make sure you answer all 3 questions in your initial post!)

1) Briefly introduce yourself.

2) After reading the Week 1 Module in the Content area, what are some information systems (by product name) that you use in your work or in your day-to-day life? Describe some of the characteristics of each of these information systems.

3) Which of the information systems that you identified above would you like to choose for your topic for your Analysis Essays this semester? Be sure to keep checking back on the discussion board to see if I approve your topic.

I am MarkOU an Air Force veteran and manager of imaging services for a large healthcare organization in southern Ohio. I have two kids three and five and we all moved to Ohio a month ago to continue our adventure! Part of my new job role is completing my bachelors degree by the end of the year so I am aggressively pursuing that two to three classes at a time while learning a new job and city! I like to be outdoors and I like to stay on the move. I'm worried a little about the next couple weeks being in three classes but I'm excited for the challenge!

We use quite a few information systems to track information. Not all of the information is directly related to patients either, as a manager I have had to learn how to use a number of new systems both computer based and otherwise. Many of these systems work together to measure our performance as an organization. I'll talk about three and stretch to see if I can fold Microsoft 365 into the fold since I think the way we use it, it is an information system.

The first and most important to the hospital is EPIC. This is an Electronic Health Record and works to compile information from various people, places, and other systems to allow for people to effectively make decisions about someone's healthcare. EPIC uses applications installed on facility computers to provide a use interface. It also uses specific information systems to collect or distribute information about requests from providers and the processing of those requests by the user so we can in real time state the status of a patient in radiology and process that patient using our equipment which has its own user interface and uses its own computer based system.

Another information system we use routinely is the Picture Archiving and Communication System aka PACS. PACS is a repository for patient information similar to Epic but stores and maintains records of diagnostic quality images and the information provided by our Radiologists (doctors specialized in interpreting imaged information). This system interfaces both with Epic and with the systems installed on the machines to collect and distribute information. It also has a user interface in the form of a program installed on system computers. The system we use locally covers the entire Cincinnati Market and allows users to pull patient information from various areas to ensure we can provide accurate diagnoses.

Both PACS and Epic live on hospital servers or system level servers that store the information for various users to access.

Some other systems I use that are similar in design to PACS and Epic are Workday, and Microsoft Teams. Both of these programs are used as information systems where information can be stored, processed, and accessed by multiple users. Workday provides accounting for the organization, summaries of expenses pulled from reports in other programs the organization uses, while also providing a communication tool for managers and employees to track and monitor performance, order supplies, and recruit or hire new members. Microsoft Teams I think can be called an information system because of the way it is used. Various components of teams include the communication tool, file storage, and team design. When files are assigned to certain teams, it creates an environment very much like Epic, PACS, and Workday where various members can interact with and process information from the same site, which then can be used by other people systems or software to communicate or make decisions.

I think teams is a stretch, but from the reading it seems like it fits...

I will do my report on PACS specifically the system we use which is McKesson PACS, Change healthcare.

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