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INFO331- Analysis Essay #2

Your essay must be at least 1500 words (approximately 4-5 pages). Microsoft Word has a word count feature, and you can usually view the word count in the bar at the bottom of Word. If necessary, search Google for help on how to view the Word count in Microsoft Word. Please download the attached template, which contains additional instructions (and make sure you follow all instructions in the template!). The template document is also formatted correctly for your essay, so you are encouraged to write directly in the attached document (replacing the paragraphs of instruction with your paragraphs addressing each section). Also note that the template is organized into the specific sections you are required to write about in your essay. Please leave all centered sub-headings in the essay, and do not change the wording of them -- they are important for organizing your essay and facilitating grading by the rubric.

Please write only in your own words. You are encouraged to read various sources to learn more about your information system, or about information systems in general, but due to the brief length of the essay, you are discouraged from directly quoting from your sources. Instead, explain what you learned from your research and what you know from your own experience with the system, in your own words. List the references you consulted in your research at the bottom of your essay in APA format (minimum of 3 references).

In Analysis Essay #2, you will address the following: 1) a brief reminder of the name and purpose of your chosen information system, 2) description of networking, communications, and security components of your information system, 3) impact of the information system on the users and/or the organization, 4) competitive analysis of the system, including how the system helps users and/or the organization address its business processes (or personal tasks, if not a business system) 5) 3 well-developed recommendations for improving and enhancing your chosen information system, and 6) conclusion. Specific details about what to include in each section can be found in the attached template.

USAA Mobile App analysis 2


USAA stands for United Services Automobile Association. USAA is an Insurance, banking, investing and retirement service provider that has a major share in serving military personnel and their eligible families to meet their financial needs in America. It is made of about 500 diversified financial services and is based in San Antonio. It was founded in 1992 with a group of 25 US army officers who had failed to secure auto-insurance since they were termed as high risk because of their job. USAA has had many users about 12.7 million from 2017 and this is a clear indication of its value to the users and why they value it. From the beginning, USAA has worked to meet its customers' needs, and it has consistently been highly ranked in customer satisfaction. It has now improved the service to make it more accessible on the phone through the USAA mobile app.

Components of the USAA mobile app


Under the networking components, the USAA has a partnership with various home technology providers where the members using the accepted o recognize home technologies by USAA will have a discount when sending or sharing data from the recognized devices. This is done under the Home Discount Program developed by USAA to help ease the cost of data sharing amongst its members. The use is not mandatory but by consent and voluntary by those who chose to use it. It can be terminated anytime the user feels the need. However, those using it have to consent to the data collection and sharing terms provided by USAA.

Under the agreement in this program data is not just limited to devices connected to USAA but also includes the Wi-Fi connection, the non-USAA devices, the messages and alerts shared with others through the devices, the devise installation, and activation, or any information stored through cloud system, mobile phones, website, interface or application programming. With such an agreement, members know their responsibilities and obligations and thus monitor the data sharing between USAA registered devices and Non-USAA devices. Through this, the USAA has the mandate to analyze, pose and use the data shared through the installed devices for research, analysis, and developing or improving the products it provides for the users. It is also to evaluate or facilitation the use of the program. The users are responsible for the use of the data shared as USAA has no representation or warranty for the program.


USAA has enhanced communication between the customer or user and the service provider. The mobile app has been developed with various sectors like the contact us setting where the user can reach the customer service of USAA and share their concern, challenge, or their need and get assistance. Also, the claims tab has been enabled where the customer can find the ease of assistance once they state their claims and share their location to have the service reach them. With such developments, communication between the service provider and the user has been enabled and thus improving the accessibility of the service.

A new development that was made is the virtual assistant. This brings the need for automated through thoughtful answers to the questions that regard the services provided. The virtual assistant technology has been enhanced where it would be installed win the mobile app and customers can speak to and get answers to the questions they ask. The virtual assistant is a Siri-like voice command feature embedded in the IOS or the Android application. This feature is aimed at helping the visually impaired users to in accessing and using the services as it speaks commands with every step on the deposit, claims, and transfer or insurance requests. With this, the customer can answer back and have the services they required completed with ease (Mosbrucker, 2016).


Security is key in every information system. With the increase of cover crimes, every information system has to ensure its users are well protected from information theft or any other form of cyber-crime. With this, the USAA mobile application has various components developed it ensure user security d safety as they use it. The security starts with the site for download where it can only be downloaded from the Google Play store to avoid any pirating.

USAA has several security components in place to ensure the members are well served and their information, funds, or other resources available through USAA are secure. They adhere to the Federal law on protecting the personal information they collect from their clients. With this, several security measures have been put in place to ensure the information does not leak to unwanted hands. The server has been configured to alert the user in case there is a security breach. Also, the specifications on the user passwords to ensure they fulfill certain characteristics to improve the security has been developed. On the client-based system, they need to ensure their passwords meet the set standards and that they log in and out of their accounts whenever they use them. They have also developed virus and intrusion detection software to help improve the security of the accounts of the users and take corrective measures before the problem escalates. With this, they have been able to help stop users from being victims of phishing or unethical hacking online frauds. The authentication process put in place protects the users from fraud and cyber security issues by improving identity verification. They use Akamai Network infrastructure to deflect the threats of members by distributing the Domain name servers across Akamai Infrastructure (USAA, 2022).

Impact of USAA mobile app to users and/or organization

This was an app founded by the USAA organization to help its users access their accounts easily, transfer their money or make payment of bills at the comfort of their homes or place with convenience. With the USAA mobile app, the USAA organization has been able to enhance convenience, and quick services to their users despite the distance to access ATMs and the financial institutions for help. The app has enabled the organization to meet the financial need of all the users at all times. USAA serves military men including the active-duty members who might be on the move due to work requiring relocation most of the time hence the app eases the service delivery.

The app has enabled the users to monitor their accounts and finances, pay their bills despite the distance, transfer money from anywhere and also access financial advice and investment advice as well as insurance services from anywhere with few clicks on the phone. The convenience of the app has enhanced proper customer service. The app came through as a good help for the users during the pandemic when movements were restricted but users had to pay their bills as they could do it from their homes (Alumni, 2016).

Competitive analysis of USAA mobile app

USAA has been named as a top leading organization in financial digitization and mobile banking strategies. Through this, it has improved the mobile app to ensure it is convenient and secure for the use of the members. All, the service provided by USAA has been incorporated in the app in the claims section where the user can easily file their claim and have the service provided no matter the location they are as long as they notify the organization of the location. The insurance services and programs are available for uses to use and the security features have also been updated to ensure the app is secure for use. The ease to access account and make payment of bills and money transfer easier on the one has helped members with ease access to financial services. The advice on insurance and investment as well as financial management helps the members to properly manage their finances. USAA provides the best features of the financial service of the mobile app in six categories; Security and Control, Alerts, Account Management, Transfers, Digital Money Management, and Customer Service (Clark, 2020).


One recommendation is the improvement of the security system. The USAA Mobile app is part of the services that are riskier when handling cyber-security threats. This system needs to ensure the security is more improved to protect the users from cyber security threats like phishing, malware, and information leak. The major security vulnerability is the threats from cyber security. Since the information system operates online and members can access accounts online, there is a high chance they face cyber security threats like malware, phishing, frauds, unethical hacking among others. In this case, USAA cyber security team has to be instructed to work 24/7 to ensure they detect any threats that may arise.

Improving the personal information protection systems. The USAA sometimes shares customer information, especially with some companies. Through the sharing process, some information may leak. However, the information system can find ways in which they cannot share the information with other companies even though the users can stop them from sharing since the information they handle is riskier to the members and their families. Their customers are military personnel and their families who are a risk if the information is accessed by unwanted people. It would be better if they do not share the information at all to protect their members.

Another way to improve the system is by reducing costs on some services like insurance covers, especially for the car and vehicles, and introducing some form of premiums for the members. It is a large organization hence many members will have to access the services. However, since there is digitization thus reducing some human resource costs and other physic services costs the company should ensure the mobile app users have a discount when using the app for service access.


USAA mobile app is a very helpful app for the USAA organization and the users as a whole. With the ease of access to services and helping the organization improve the services that the organization gives the users, the mobile app increase the competitiveness of USAA in the financial market. USAA is more concerned with user security hence developed a lot of user security measures to protect against any cybercrime threats. In addition, new developments in the networking, communication components have enabled ease of service delivery and quality of the services for the users.


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