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In the early 19th century, ship propulsion greatly improved due to which of the following developmen

Which of the following phrases describes a custom?

A way of acting

The National Ensign at half-mast should be lowered by what procedure?

Rise briskly to full mast, then lower slowly to the bottom

Officers and officials are making an official visit to your ship. Except for Sundays, side boys should be paraded during what times?

0800 to sunset

Under which of the following circumstances is it NOT appropriate for you to salute an officer?

When in formation

Gun salutes are normally fired at what time interval?

5 seconds

Which of the following pennants should be flown five minutes before morning and evening colors?


You may salute with your left hand when which of the following situations occur?

Your right hand is injured

The custom of merchant ships lowering their ensigns as they pass a U.S. Navy vessel is known as what?


You should stand and salute during the performance of which of the following musical selections?

"Hail to the Chief"

While attending a parade in uniform, the National Ensign is carried past you by a color guard. Which action(s) should you take?

Stand and render a salute until the ensign has passed

Over the course of the Revolutionary War, the U.S. Navy had 56 vessels. What was the highest number of vessels that were in operation at any one time?


The USS Constitution was built to become what type of Navy vessel?


Who was the first Commander in Chief?

Esek Hopkins

What device was the first instrument that prevented early submarines from running blind while submerged?


John Paul Jones, often referred to as the "father of our highest naval traditions", is also famous because of which of the following accomplishments?

His victory over HMS Serapis

Given recognition to the American "Stars and Stripes" flag, what was the first country to give a nine gun salute?


What WWII battle secured Australia from Japanese forces?

Battle of Guadalcanal

What moon mission was completely manned by Navy personnel?

Apollo 12

The Continental Congress established the Navy in what a) month and b) year?

a) October b) 1775

Immediately after the United States entered World War I, women were enlisted on a large scale into what job title?


To respond to the command COVER, you should place your hat on your head with both hands and take what other action?

Drop left hand only

When a ship is at sea, the ensign is flown from what location?


While rendering passing honors to another vessel, the Boatswain's Mate of the Watch passes three blast of the whistle. What action should you take?

Carry on

A formal act performed on public occasions is the definition of what term?


A Flag Officer or Unit Commander Afloat may display their personal flag or command pennant from no more than what total number of vessels?


You salute a Navy Commander, but he has not returned your salute. You should hold your salute until you pass the officer by what total number of paces?


When your ship is in port, the Union Jack should be flown from what location?

The bow

You should render a salute in which of the following cases?

When in command formation

You are in formation and have been given the command HAND SALUTE. You should drop the salute on receipt of what command?


In the early 19th century, ship propulsion greatly improved due to which of the following developments?

Steam power

What person led Navy forces into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured US frigate USS Philadelphia?

Stephen Decatur

During World War II, the Navy was heavily involved in which of the following Atlantic (European) actions?

The invasion of Normandy

On which of the following Great Lakes did Captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeat a British squadron, cutting British supply line?

Lake Erie

What was the name of the first nuclear submarine put out to sea on January 17, 1955?

USS Nautilus

During the War of 1812, what ship earned the nickname "Old Ironsides"?

USS Constitution

The largest amphibious operation ever was assembled to conduct minesweeping, shore-bombardment, and the transport of supplies and troops during what operation?

Invasion of Normandy

During Desert Shield/Desert Storm, the Navy helped move approximately what amount of support equipment and supplies?

18.3 billion pounds

In the early 19th century, capturing merchant ships as prizes of war was the primary purpose of what Navy vessels?


Referring to the USS Maine, "Remember the Maine", was the battle cry for which of the following wars?

The Spanish American War

When approaching an officer, you are carrying an object with both hands. What action(s) should you take?

Look at the officer and render a verbal greeting

A Sailor standing in the right flank position when command AT CLOSE INTERVALS, DRESS RIGHT, DRESS is given should look a) what direction and place his left hand and arm in b) what position?

a) Straight ahead b) Left hand on hip

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In formation, relaxing without moving you right foot or talking is known as what position?


An act or verbal expression of consideration or respect describes what term?


When approaching a commissioned officer, you should render a hand salute at what specific distance?

6 paces

Saluting while uncovered is appropriate under which of the following conditions?

When in the company of personnel from other services

When you receive a verbal order from an officer what is the most appropriate response?


Gun salutes are rendered on all of the following occasions, EXCEPT which one?

Labor Day

What was the significance of the Battle of Midway?

Turning point of the war

When the U.S. Navy Department was established, what person was the President of the United States?

John Adams

Fleet Admiral Nimitz signed the Japanese surrender in 1945 aboard what sip?


What was the name of the first carrier designed from the keel up?

USS Ranger

In 1775, the Second Continental Congress approved the purchase of what total number of vessels?


What was the name if the first U.S. submarine used in warfare?


When your commanding officer is on leave, which of the following flags should be flown?

Third substitute

Which of the following pennants is hoisted above the National Ensign?


Rifle salutes are rendered from all of the following positions, EXCEPT which one?

At sling arms

Which of the following ships was the first nuclear-powered carrier?

USS Enterprise

During and prior to the 19th century, what were three major classes of Navy vessels?

Ships of the line, frigates, and sloops of war

What is the oldest U.S. Navy ships till in commission?

USS Constitution

All of the following missions were a part of the Vietnam Police Action, EXCEPT which one?

Surface ships conducting amphibious operations

In what year was the construction of the USS Constitution completed?


Signaling the turning point of Japanese carrier battle power, leaving them short on ships, planes, gas, and they were never able to fully recover describes what Navy battle?

Battle of Philippine Sea

Which of the following phases best describes a ceremony?

A formal act performed in public

Any national flag flown at half-mast should be intentionally recognized as having what meaning?


You are in formation mid-rank, and have been given the command DRESS RIGHT DRESS. When you receive the command READY FRONT, what action should you take?

Lower left arm to side and snap head to the front

Which person served as an advocate for "sea power", the need for a large and powerful Navy, and the importance of understanding Navy needs?

Alfred T. Mahan

On December 16th, 1907 the great white fleet left Hampton roads on a cruise around the world to show the flag and to demonstrate what attribute?


What person coined the phrase "sea power"?

Admiral David Farragut

While in uniform and covered, you are approaching an officer from behind. Before overtaking him, you should a) take what action and b) make what request?

a) Hand Salute b) "by your leave, sir"

A 15 gun salute is rendered to a Navy Officer of what rank?

Vice Admiral

During colors, you are driving a vehicle within sight or hearing range of the ceremony. Which of the following actions must you take?

Stop vehicle and remain seated at attention

Who was the Navy's first aviator?

LT Ellyson

What ship had the distinction of being the U.S. Navy's first flagship on which the "Flag of Freedom" was hoisted by John Paul Jones?

USS Alfred

What was the historical significance of the Battle of Coral Sea?

Fought entirely with aircraft

On what day did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, sinking over 15 U.S. ships?

December 7, 1941

Which of the following situations does NOT require you to render a hand salute?

Meeting an officer in a public transportation vehicle

Upon every meeting on board ship, you should salute which of the following officers?

The Commanding Officer

In what year did the Navy launch its first iron-hulled warship?


Who was the first admiral in the U.S. Navy?

David Farragut

The first extensive use of a jet aircraft and helicopters occurred during what war?

The Korean War

When, if ever, are Sailors authorized to talk after the command PARADE, REST?


When boarding a foreign naval vessel, which, if any, of the following actions should you take?

Salute the National Ensign first, then the Officer of the Deck

The process of moving our national ensign from the stern to the mainmast as your ship gets underway is referred to by what term?

Shifting the colors

What term means "to stop"?


You assigned to place the National Ensign at half-mast during morning colors. What procedure should you use?

Hoist it smartly to the peak, then lower it ceremoniously to half mast

In 1843, the Invention of steam power incorporated in the USS Princeton, paved the way for progress in the development of what system?

The screw propeller

During or prior to the 19th century, what were the three major classes of Navy vessels?

Ships of the line, frigates, and sloops of war

During the late 18th century, battleships were classified as what type of ship?

Ships of the line

What is the name of the first Navy vessel that was powered by using steam as a power plant?

USS Demologos

In U.S. history, what person stated "I have not yet begun to fight"?

John Paul Jones

The Women's Armed Service Integration Act passed to allow women to become part of the regular Navy vice the Women's Reserve in what year?


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