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Importance of Learning Cross-Cultural Diversity

Importance of Learning Cross-Cultural Diversity

HU250 Humanities Culture Unit 6 Assignment

In this assignment, you will be creating a proposal for a fictional scenario. As in your real life, you are taking a college course that has the goal of teaching students about the cross-cultural influences in global cultures. The university wants students to investigate how cultures have mixed, changed, and influenced each other.

For this assignment, you are making an appeal to the administration to allow your class to visit either Brazil or India. There is fictional grant money available for certain class activities, and the money must be spent by the end of the year. This would solve the administration’s need to spend the budgeted funds, but you must persuade the administration that your trip would be a valuable use of that money. Your goal is to persuade the administration to fund your class trip.

As you prepare, decide if you will be encouraging a trip to either India or Brazil. These are the only two options for this assignment. You will need to conduct research on the country you select, including activities for tourists, popular trends in travel to this country, common sights for visitors, and cultural influences and history.

You may put together a presentation in either PowerPoint of Word. The presentation must be at least 600 words and include at least two outside sources that are cited in APA style.

The assignment has three parts.

Part I:

Introduce the country you have selected — either Brazil or India. Give context for why going to this location will give students the opportunity to experience a diverse culture. What is the reason that students should be sent to this particular country? End the introduction with a persuasive thesis for the proposal ahead. Hint: the thesis will likely be about the administration being totally convinced that this trip is the perfect cross-cultural opportunity for the budgeted funds.

Part II:

Highlight at least three activities that students can participate in while in your selected country. Introduce the activity, explain what students will learn about the culture, and describe what you expect will be the influence and result of this cross-cultural opportunity.

Since students should be learning about cross-cultural influences in either India or Brazil, you will want to feature activities that highlight these elements in your trip. For example, why should these activities be selected over all other possibilities in the country? What makes them unique and a good choice for the course objectives?

Aim to make the tour plausible. While there will be interesting opportunities all over the country, you should select three activities that can also be reached with ease. For example, you may have two activities in one city and make the third a day trip to a location that can be reached by bus or train.

Part III:

Create a final persuasive appeal that helps to convince the administrators that this one-of-a-kind opportunity will effectively communicate the Course Outcomes. Find ways to stress the importance of learning about cross-cultural influences firsthand. Encourage the administration by emphasizing both the entertaining and educational aspects of your trip. You will be evaluated on Leadership in this assignment, so be sure that you are creating a vision for the reader that may inspire them to act.

Importance of Learning Cross-Cultural Diversity

India is a nation in South Asia and is the 7th biggest country globally and is the second-most populous country globally. The government is among the few nations that have kept their cultures up to date, making it an ideal place for touring to experience the varying cultural diversity in the area. It is a worthwhile nation to invest one's money in for learning purposes, as it will give a detailed cultural background of the people there. The students can visit plenty of places in India, such as the beaches, mountains, spiritual occasions, cultural events, and wildlife tours with hospitable and friendly locals. The locals make the area an ideal place to visit to learn about the traditional forms of the people as they still practice their different cultures to this day. Visiting the nations will make it easy for the learners to have an all-in-one visit to simultaneously have all the learning objectives, saving the cost of traveling to a different nation for the administration.

Getting an opportunity to travel to India will assist in boosting the study outcome of the students. It will give them an in-depth understanding of the various cultures in the universe as they will have a chance to learn from the different traditions. Since the country is the 7th largest nation globally, it also has many cultures that the students can have an opportunity to explore during their travels. India's culture is among the oldest traditions globally, about 4500 years old (Gordon & Zimmermann, 2022). The students will have a learning ground in the country, but the cultural events in the nation will also entertain them. Some of them, including Diwali, will have an opportunity to taste the different foods from the region. Visiting India will allow students to learn, enjoy, and explore the diverse cultures they study in class.

While in India, students can participate in a variety of activities. These activities include Hinduism, a unique religious occasion and event for the Indian people. The student can quickly learn from the varying ways of worship of the people in India. The students can also learn from the various Indian cooking lessons usually available in the Indian market. It is much easier for the student to understand India's different cooking styles and foods as most foods are available in the student tan markets. Going to India will be an excellent opportunity for the student as it has a unique culture (Tripathi, 2022). The learners can also study the traditions of various peoples in India by interacting with the natives in the area. Since the people vary in culture, it will be easy to learn about the different cultures in India from the people around and within the markets.

A trip to India would be an excellent choice because it would allow the student to learn about the various aspects of cross-cultural communication. Since India comprises other traditions and people, it will be an ideal place to visit to assist in learning practically all the various elements of cross-culture. Learning about this aspect is essential for the students as it will help remove the opposing perspectives and individual biases of different groups within the school. It will assist the student in having increased respect for the different ways of being of the other students in school that vary from their own. It is an opportunity that will assist in creating unity within the school premises and outside. Going on the trip will help the student grow academically and individually.


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