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HY210_World Civilization I Summary Chapter One

Please upload your file here. One page double-space, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman. One line extra is equal to one point off; two lines extra are equal to two points off, so on and so forth. After twenty-four hours, the class for that day is considered dismissed, and those who did not submit their summary will automatically receive an F. There are no exceptions. Students who cannot submit their summaries for justified reasons must submit their summary along with their justification

HY210_World Civilization I Summary Chapter One

Chapter one of the World Civilizations book was interesting to me. This is partly because you have drawn my interest in the first few discussion questions with assignments that involved viewing a The Black Athena Debate. Chapter One broadened my curiosity because right off the back I began reading about Africa and Asia and how some of the first human skeletal remains dating back over four million years ago was found by the Leaky family while in Africa. I also read about how Mary Leaky, one of the anthropologists, discovered footprints and came to the conclusion that the footprints was from a creature that walked upright. It was amazing to read that these footprints were still intact a recognizable. To top it off, the discovery was the year I was born. Chapter one also talked about history and how history use to only be about war and politics but then talked about life events. What was interesting was that it was mentioned that history only included talks about man. It made me realize that women were no big factor back in those times. I also learned what Homo erectus was. The name sort of speaks for itself now that I think about it. “Erectus” is erect which is fitting of our human species. This chapter also reinforced The Black Athena controversy because the chapter said that some of the first Homo erectus came out of Africa. The chapter also talked about the beginnings of villages and cities and the difference between the two. I learned of art origination from over 30,000 years ago and how there are still preserved cave murals from Spain. I also learned that during the Ice Age, food was scarce because there were no animals to be hunted. I think this would have contributed to a decrease in human life or migration to another land in search of food. I am wondering if the ice age will be covered in this book. This chapter contained quite a bit of information and has my thoughts racing. I am also thinking about the next discussion question.

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