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HUMA118- Music Appreciation - M06 Concert Reflection

HUMA118- Music Appreciation - M06 Concert Reflection Complete the following steps:

  1. Attend a concert - virtually or in-person - of your choosing. It may also be a recorded live concert. I will not accept country, rock 'n roll, hip hop or rap concerts.

  1. Download the applicable Concert Report Form.

  • Note: each concert type below has the related form linked to it. You only need to download the form that is most suited to the concert you selected.

  • Chamber Music Concert

· · Choral Concert · · Jazz Band Concert · · Opera · · Orchestra or Wind Ensemble (Concert Band) Concert · · Solo or Small Group Voice Concert · · World Music(s) Concert

  • ·

· Once you have found the correct form for your concert, save the file with "Save As." Name the file "Concert Type_Your Initials" (i.e. Opera_NEB). · Answer all of the questions on the report form. Use this as a rough draft. · Write your paper in the form of a research paper expanding on the information from your report form in detail. · Then, answer this final prompt:

  • In hindsight, did you have any expectations going into this experience?

  • If so, what were they? Did the concert meet or exceed your expectations? Why or why not?

  • If not, what advise would you give to another person attending a similar concert to enhance their experience with live music?

Concert reflection

In this paper, I will reflect on a concert I attended online from YouTube being streamed by Rossano Sportiello on the piano and Scott Robinson on the Alto saxophone. The two were streaming the show live from the Flat in Greenwich Village on the 18th of April for about one hour. Rossano is one of today's most prominent jazz piano musicians, specializing in styles ranging from Harlem Stride Piano to Bebop to Contemporary Jazz. At the same time, Robinson is a jazz multi-instrumentalist from the United States. Robinson is well known for his saxophone performance, but he's also played clarinet, alto clarinet, flute, trumpet, among other instruments. The two have played at various jazz concerts in the past while including other musicians.

The concert started at precisely 5:00 PM, and Rossano introduced himself and then Scott, and one could tell that he is Italian from the accent, but living in New York. It was indicated prior to the concert that the duo was to be playing classic jazz piano music with elements of bebop, elements of stride piano, elements of classical, elements of swing, and also explicit stylistic references to Hank Jones, Dave McKenna, Ralph Sutton, Art Tatum, and Bill Evans. This sparked my interest as a jazz and classical music enthusiast; I was very eager to hear how the elements will be combined artistically to produce hybrid jazz. They start with a tune known as Tangerine, "Tangerine" is a well-known hit. Victor Schertzinger composed the score, and Johnny Mercer wrote the lyrics. The album was first released in 1941 and quickly became a jazz classic. When Rosanno starts with the opening line and the piano, I could vaguely recognize the tune until Robinson joined with the sax, which is when I remembered it well. I have heard Oscar Peterson play it before, and I could tell that, indeed, Rossano was a maestro in the way he maintained the elements of bebop while letting Robinson solo seamlessly on the saxophone.

The next piece played was a request from their friend. I. I could not guess how it sounded because I did not recall hearing it in my Life, they Identified it as P.S I Love You by Gordon Jenkins. What I liked about this one, it was so chilling, and the sensation in it was inevitable, I got lost into the moment. After a bit of talk, they went on to the next one, "Do you ever think of Me," this piece Involved stride piano, and I enjoyed seeing Rosanno striding it while smiling all through, which expressed the whole idea of the music. The swing part he did as a piano solo, and I could subconsciously swing my head along with the walking basslines. They went forth to play a piece known as The Good Life by Sacha Distel. I had many expectations here because I had known the music from the movie "The seven Deadly sins" and listened to debuts by Tonny Bennet where there were also lyrics. From the live chats, one could tell that people recognized this tune. I just like Robinson and how he made that sax sound during the performance. This time the saxophone's tone was the most appealing thing; this was my best moment in this concert. This met my whole expectations of the show, I could feel chills, and though it was short, I sincerely enjoyed it, and everyone did. I don't reckon "Runnin' wild" sounding that good even after listening to a lyrical version by Ella Fitzgerald, the way the duo performed it. I could see colors brighter than before in the artistic composition. This was the last one, and after it, I could imagine an audience applauding which was not possible, but anyway, they did in the chat area, and I just hated that it was not a live concert.


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