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HU250 Unit 4 Assignment \The Analysis of the Chinese Culture

For this assignment, you will have an opportunity to see how creative expressions can broaden your perspective. You will write a minimum 600-word descriptive essay reporting on your experience with a work of art or creative expression and how it taught you something new.

Select a work of art, literature, film, music, architecture, theatre, dance, food, or photography from another country or culture. Aim to challenge yourself in this assignment to go beyond countries or cultural artifacts that you already enjoy or know well. The goal of the assignment is to see how a creative expression can change you and give you more capacity to see things through the eyes of others. So the more foreign your selection is to you and your experience, the more likely you can complete the assignment successfully. Your viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained.

This assignment has four parts.

Part I:

Give an introduction to the paper and to what you will complete in the assignment. Introduce your selection and explain why you have selected it. Why was this artifact interesting? Why are you interested in learning more about this country or culture? Use and cite a source to help introduce the artifact, explain its significance, and demonstrate your ability to incorporate outside information into your investigation.

Part II:

Explain the experience of engaging with this work of artistic expression. If you watched a foreign film, talk about what you felt was unique in the filmmaking, storytelling, music, plot, or characters. If you decided to eat a different type of food, talk about the sights, sounds, smells, and taste. Be descriptive about your first impressions, your apprehensions or stereotypes, and your perspective during the encounter.

Part III:

Reflect upon what you learned and how it may help you to better understand the perspective of others. Use and cite a source as you summarize what you learned about the expression itself. Share what you learned from your research and how this influenced your experience. Also, apply this beyond the immediate experience and connect to how you can use the lessons of this assignment in the future. For example, how might this be useful at work in a specific task you have to complete? How might this help you in your life, community, or among you group of friends? What did you learn about yourself from your first and final impressions of the experience?

Part IV:

Offer a substantive conclusion. Highlight the main points of the paper, restate the thesis, and share parting conclusions with the reader.

The paper should be written in a logical order following the instructions above, as well as original and insightful. You may label each part of the project to help clarify where you are addressing these elements of the paper, but you should also be writing a cohesive, descriptive essay that demonstrates college-level writing. Follow the formatting guidelines put forth in the APA style of writing, and structure your thoughts in essay format – introductory paragraph and thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paper should be composed in Standard American English, 12 point, Times New Roman font. Check your grammar, punctuation and spelling before you submit the work.

Analysis of the Chinese Culture

There is a lot of variation in the culture, sports, tradition, and views of different people and nations—the variation creates disparity essential for everyday operation. The difference is what leads to innovation and increased knowledge. In the paper, I focus on the Chinese culture, a unique nation compared to the other nations. China is a nation found in Southeast Asia and located along the pacific ocean coastline. It is the third-largest nation globally with the highest number of people, more than one billion. I selected to focus on studying Chinese culture due to its unique features and tradition. The most exciting thing to learn about the Chinese culture is how the people relate with one another and operate. The culture of Chinese people focuses on the emphasis on the family and the respect for the leaders, which is of great cultural importance (Song, 2022). The Chinese cultures are among the unique traditions that maintain their cultural beliefs to date.

There is an excellent experience and respect for one another in China, which is unique and different from the other nations. Among the individual beliefs of this tradition is great respect for their rulers. On the other hand, the natives have a high Confucianism that respects the leaders. There is also a significant focus on the family structure and the family. In China, family members have a unique design, as most families revolve around the family's youngest children(Song, 2022). in the households, most the grandparents tend to live with their children even after their children get married and have children(Wilson & Baker-Brian, 2019). this type of tradition among the Chinese is unique and passed from generation to generation. Also, in china, ta can show a person's social status, and welcoming visitors with tea is an act of respect.

The analysis that I studied concerning the Chinese culture will assist in better understanding other people as it has shown the variation that exists among other people. Since the chinse people have a unique culture that brings them together, tradition is an essential aspect of life. Tradition gives meaning to life. I learned that I would use my interaction n trait and increase my respect for others to have a good relationship with other people. By studying this text, I will respect people's traditions and focus more on attaining experiences from others rather than criticizing them. The analysis from this study of Chinese culture will increase my knowledge. I have also increased my understanding of doing research and how to focus on the critical areas of research. The study has increased my ability to do proper research and learn about the Chinese people's way of operation. I now have good experience of who the Chinese people are and how their traditions.

Conclusively, the Chinese culture is among the unique cultures globally. China has maintained its tradition to date, and this has assisted in making them very special. With their culture, the people can have a great structured family and respect for one another and their leaders. I used the research to increase my analysis and study skills. I have learned how I will be able to solve issues in the future. I also know the importance of respecting diversity in society, which will improve how I associate with other people. The research has assisted me in seeing the importance of family and good relationships.


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