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HU250 Unit 2 Assignment Social, Political, Cultural Impacts

Humanities and Culture HU250 Unit 2 Assignment

Social, Political, Cultural Impacts

In this minimum 500-word essay, you will reflect upon the ways that social, political, and cultural developments have an impact upon you and your actions.

Your essay may be about how the economy has changed your work, how technology has had an impact on your career pursuits, why you decided to pursue your degree, or other factors. Consider the cultural expectations from co-workers, friends and family, and your response to these expectations. You are not limited to this list; you may think of any external force and your internal action and personal response.

Author Seth Godin gives a definition of art that goes beyond the first impression of someone who paints, draws, or makes music. In fact, you can engage in art whenever you aim to make a difference and share your potential. Thus, you can be an artist in customer service, manual labor, helping professions, or law enforcement. “An artist is someone who uses bravery, insight, creativity, and boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist takes it personally…Art is a personal gift that changes the recipient. The medium does not matter. The intent does. Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another (Godin, 2010, pp. 83–84).” On this definition, your artistic expression may be pursuing your education, volunteering in your community, mentoring young people, or being the best parent you can be. The possibilities are broad.

You are welcome to write this paper in first person, since you are writing from your own impressions and experience.

This assignment has four parts.

Part I:

You should open with an introduction that gives the scope for your essay, a preview of your main points, and a thesis. Offer a declarative thesis as the final sentence in your introduction, which should sum up for the reader what you will prove in the investigation ahead.

Part II:

Identify one social, political, or cultural factor that you believe has an influence on you. Use and cite the textbook to clarify how an outside influence can have an impact generally. Then introduce your selected external factor, explain what it is, and why you believe it is a good choice for investigation. Write about the impact of this external factor upon your beliefs, values, or actions. Assess how you may have had to change to adapt, or how you have taken action in the face of external pressures.

Part III:

In Godin’s definition, art is about caring, creating change, and acting courageously. Be sure to use and cite Godin’s quotation about being an artist in order to give credit and context for his idea. What does being an artist mean for your life in relation to the factor mentioned in Part I? How might you be an artist in response and carry this artistic action into the future? Social, cultural, and political forces may cause you to change, but how have you been able to adapt and create a change that you direct?

Part IV:

Your paper should conclude with a substantive and meaningful conclusion that restates the thesis and main points.


Godin, Seth. (2010). Linchpin: Are you indispensable? Penguin Group.

Social, Political, Cultural Impacts

Life in current society has changed drastically due to the various elements, including the cultural, political, and social aspects of life. These factors have impacted my ideologies and actions in various aspects of life. These entail strategies for handling various tasks within a task force and delivering them according to the operational goals within the operation. The cultural segment determines the mode of living and corporate culture among the workers of the task force. The social element entails interaction with critical individuals such as colleagues, managers, and other members of staff. The political aspects include the debates on various assignments, leadership factors, and the allocation of the company’s resources. These elements determine the production rates of an operation. It also determines the issues within the company and the resolution techniques.

Social factors have influenced my perspectives on the interactions of employees, managers, shareholders, and customers. This element is critical within an operation because it determines the appropriate service delivery protocols. The primary aspect of the social aspect of an operation includes communication (Ajmal, 2018). The social elements impact the company’s ability to meet the customer’s needs and preferences in delivering various services and products to clients. Communication aids the process by implementing suitable strategies to share information among all the stakeholders. As a result, it determines the rate of success in producing quality products and services. Also, social factors impact the company’s overall environment. The issue includes factors such as resolving conflict and creating a healthy workplace environment. The social elements, therefore, determine the suitability of the workplace for the employees.

Moreover, cultural factors describe one’s ability to implement suitable practices that ensure success in various assignments. Cultural elements are essential in fostering the safety of all stakeholders and meeting the operational goals. The originality of the matter is that the cultural aspects involve matters such as the mode of assignment of tasks, the technology that guarantees success, and the suitable ethical concerns among the employees. A company’s culture determines the rate of effectively delivering products and services to its customers. Business operations formulate policies that trigger a good culture among the shareholders. These include embracing elements such as diversity, ethical concerns, and sustainability matters (Amenta, 2019). These aspects determine the company’s ability to create an effective culture that improves the quality of the task force and society as a whole. As a worker in a business operation, I appreciate the cultural aspects because they prompt all employees to work towards a common ethical goal.

Additionally, ethical factors are crucial in various activities. Political matters have affected my decisions on various activities within an organization. The primary elements include the debates on the leadership positions, which sometimes cause conflict and leadership wrangles. As a result, it has impacted my actions in supporting the leadership processes that eliminate these issues. Besides, it also determines the workplace environment because the varied political ideologies may lead to unhealthy debates. As a result, these political aspects impact every employee’s participation in the company’s politics because the task force often appreciates the strategies that guarantee safety and increased productivity (Blackburn, 2018). Hence, this idea impacts my degree of participation in unhealthy political factors within the workplace environment.

In conclusion, the political, cultural, and social aspects have major impacts on one’s actions and thought processes. The ideas entail prompting the workers and other crucial stakeholders to participate in acts that foster healthy conversations and increase productivity within an operation. The political elements determine my degree of participation in debates within a workplace environment. Also, the cultural strategies aid in implementing suitable techniques for delivering quality products and services to the customers. Social factors impact one’s communication protocols to guarantee effective results.


Amenta, E., & Polletta, F. (2019). The cultural impacts of social movements. Annual Review of Sociology, 45, 279-299.

Ajmal, M. M., Khan, M., Hussain, M., & Helo, P. (2018). Conceptualizing and incorporating social sustainability in the business world. International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 25(4), 327-339.

Blackburn, S., & Pelling, M. (2018). The political impacts of adaptation actions: Social contracts, a research agenda. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, 9(6), e549.

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