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HRMT413 Employment and Labor Relations, Week 6 Discussion

This week, we will discuss the impact of COVID-19 on unions.

1. How have unions changed in the past 50 years? In your information opinion, why has that change occurred?

2. In your informed opinion, what impact will the pandemic have of efforts to unionize some workplaces? Do you believe that unions provide safer working conditions?

The changes that unions have gone through over the years are likely because of predatory unions. Like many businesses reputation is incredibly important. Once the idea that the organization that was created with the idea of representing the interests of the employee has deteriorated the likelihood that new individuals would want to sign up is very low. The number of workers has dwindled over the years for several additional reasons. The population has increased dramatically and so have the options of employment in

even small and rural communities. It is possible that unions actually solved many of the problems that workers faced over the years creating a much better environment for new generations. And lastly any young person that ever heard their mother or father speak negatively about the dues that were paid or that they felt slighted by the union is highly likely to not want to be part of a union. one last point is the gig economy that we have seen in recent years jobs like Uber door dash or karaoke. have created an environment where low skill or non-technical skilled people can earn a living at a schedule they prefer. I actually believe that unions will see an increase in membership in part due to the pandemic. My thought with legal responses to government and private employers requiring vaccination will cause lawsuits and union membership and I believe that laws similar to the right to work laws may be used to combat requirements of employers allowing unions some bargaining power and leverage in the days to come which could potentially boost membership.

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