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HRMT413 Employment and Labor Relations, Week 4 Assignment Training Project Part I

FROM: The Human Resources Manager

TO: The Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: The Sexual Harassment Issue at the Organization

CC: All the employees

DATE: 29th November 2021

Dear Sir,

The last few days my office has received complaints from the female members of the organizations. The complaints are that the male members of the organization have been involved in the practices of harassing the female members. The practice is rampant in the production section of the company. Sometimes, the female employees complain that their male counterparts do make the inappropriate remarks regarding their dress code. Some sometimes make a cat call when they pass. The female workers sometimes complain that there are their male counterparts who continuously stare at their body parts particularly the bosom. This has made the employees to

be so uncomfortable. This is the reason why the productivity levels of the female employees have significantly gone down in the past few weeks compared to the male employees. The females, especially the outstanding ones are even considering quitting because they are afraid of their safety. They do not know if they can ever be comfortable working with their male counterparts in the production department again because of the stress and the objectification that they are subjected to.

A training session is therefore proposed between the Human Resources Department in the company with an international based agency against Gender Violence. The purpose of the training is to explain the consequences of sexual harassment of employees, to teach the workers the proper ways of co-existing and to ensure that they know the Human Resources policies regarding this issue. It will take place a week from now due to the sensitivity of the issue. The expected costs include $ 30000. The training was initially intended for the workers in the production team but it will benefit all the employees.

Yours faithfully

The Human Resource Manager.

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