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HRMN 406 Assignment 2 Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Outcomes for the British Airway Training on Employee Redundancy

The pilots became aware of their rights and benefits in a redundancy. The training helped the employees realize that the decision to make them redundant was not an unfair one. However, their rights to a notice of dismissal, being given enough time to clear from the premises, and being paid their dues in full were taught to them during the training. Because they were aware of their rights and obligations, navigating through the prospects of getting fired from the organization was a lot easier than earlier anticipated.

The training assisted the members of the human resource and administration to avoid legal tussles and court cases of; unfair employee dismissal and lack of meeting the entire benefits paid to the employees. Ten managers responded in feedback that they were now able to sack employees while adhering to the necessary legal requirements. Because they were able to relieve the employees of their duties civilly, their reputation as an organization greatly improved.

The employees received a training package that enabled them to properly transition from pilots, cabin crew, and airline employment to other sectors. For instance, because of the training, the pilots received a recommendation program to transition into being recruited as train drivers and other non-airline related jobs. These people were able to apply leadership and technical skills in transitioning to other industries (Anthony, 2020).

Expected Performance of the Group

The group should be able to plan and manage their transitions to the outside world. Their performance during the last week of employment should be one filled with motivation and dedication because they know that the organization has their best interests at heart. The cabin crew member’s percentage achievement of their key performance indicators improved. One way to gauge the performance of the team members is by looking at their overall reactions. From the reaction (positive reaction and increased desire to learn more), the employees showed that each of them learned at their own pace. The employees who received the training were expected to share the important information about training to their fellow employees specifically those in similar departments (Verma, 2020). This will trickle down to employees found in other departments in the organization.

As a result of the training activities, the organization leaders will consider many other factors for laying off employees apart from profitability. They will plan for their organizational needs in the future so that they do not have to lay off employees in the future because of excessive hiring. Human Resource Managers and Company Chief Executive Officers will have better working relationships with the union leaders and employee representatives.

Performance Gaps and How We can close them

Before the training, the performance of the employees in their daily duties became low due to demotivation as a result of uncertainties of whether they were going to be sacked or not. A blanket redundancy program was employed by the organization heads without looking at the unique problems that each employee faced (Anthony, 2020). The inability to demand what is rightfully theirs made the employees wait for long before they received their benefits for longer. There was poor communication, improper giving of notices, and breaking the law in the procedure of relieving workers of their duties (, 2017). Employees did not concentrate on their work and this lead to reduced customer numbers and low productivity. They were still looking for new jobs as they worked. Some performance issues include an increase in the number of conflicts between the employers and the unions and the organization spending a lot of money in settling them. Training improved the relationship between employers and unions, made employees more motivated even as they faced exit and resolution of employee issues on a need basis.


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