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HRM 4304- Unit VII Journal

Reflect on your views and insight regarding how disciplinary procedures can affect the labor-management agreement. Offer examples (real or hypothetical) to help illustrate your opinions.

Better disciplinary procedures between the employees and the management can help in the achievement of a cordial relationship between labor and management. The cordial relationship is achieved because the process is very fair and it is not meant to discriminate against any employee. The procedure may also empower the employer to always ensure that they seek the correct behavior of the employee and also ensures that they adopt a more progressive correction procedure that aims at building the employee rather than separating them from their jobs and responsibilities. Rather than firing the employee on the spot, etc., the company may consider giving a warning or even advising this particular employee. Use of progressive discipline behavior was applied in the organization I once worked in where the company used to advise, motivate and warn the employee and warn them regarding the negative behavior that they had started to show. This improved their behavior and they worked hard because they knew that the company does not have any feelings of ill-will towards them. Unions that perceive the employer to be fair in disciplinary procedures will be more than willing to engage this employer compared to the employers that adopt unfair procedures towards compensation when they are interacting with the employees.

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