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HRM 4304-Unit V Journal

Reflect on what you think are the most pressing wage concerns that management and employee representatives bring to the negotiating table. Why do you think workers try to negotiate wage employment guarantees and supplemental unemployment benefits? Explain your rationale and offer examples to support your opinion.

The most pressing wage concerns that the employees and their representatives bring to the negotiating table are wage increments. The employees often look for a wage increment to support their concerns for sufficient pay for better performance. Wage increments are also negotiated to ensure that the employees can actually keep up with inflation and to ensure that they are cushioned from the harsh economic conditions. Wages and benefits are also fought to ensure that the salaries that the employees are at par with the current market rate. The unions deem it unfair if they see that other employees in other markets seem to be earning slightly more than them. The employees often try hard to negotiate for the wage employment guarantees so that they can obtain some security. For example, if they are guaranteed of job tenure for the next ten years in the company, the employees will be stable in that position and they will know that the company will not release them any time soon. The guarantee would eliminate issues of continued turnover and they will compel the companies to try and offer regular work to the employees. The purpose of the supplementary employment benefits is to ensure that the employee will continue to receive some form of additional income and maintain a certain standard of living even after this employee has been terminated from his employment position in the company.

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