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HRM 4304, Collective Unit IV Journal

HRM 4304, Collective Unit IV Journal

Negotiation can be very time consuming; however, most organizations will typically have a certain procedures in place in order to move through the negotiation process. A Model for Negotiating Sessions—Figure 5-1, which can be used by organizations, is located at the bottom of page 162 and goes through page 163. Looking at this information, identify one tactic you agree with and one tactic you disagree with. Explain the rationale for your choices.

I agree with posturing as a strategy and a tactic during the negotiation process. Sometimes the negotiations can appear to be so tense and controversial. Tension can prevent the members from fully focusing on the problem at hand. It is for this reason that posturing is allowed as someone can obtain a more laid-back attitude, appear to be reasonable, and even take a back seat even if they appear to have bigger bargaining power in the negotiation process. Through the practice of posturing, even the person who does not have the best bargaining power

The one tactic that I do not agree with during the negotiation process is concealment. Sometimes the parties to negotiation often conceal their true intentions to obtain the best possible outcome but sometimes this practice is not so good because it will only serve to prolong the overall negotiation process. If there is one party that is concealing their true intentions and this party definitely has an upper hand in the whole negotiation process, then there is a feeling that there is a party that will feel disadvantaged. It is not right to conceal the intentions during the negotiation process because it goes against the principles of fairness and honesty. Apart from concealment, one person should never lie.

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