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HRM 4304, Collective Unit III Journal

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

HRM 4304, Collective Unit III Journal

Review Profile 4.2 on page 137. After reviewing, reflect on union avoidance strategies by management. What suggestions would you make to avoid union organization in the workplace?

The simple goal of many workplaces is to ensure that there is little unionization that is taking place. Many companies fear unions because they know that these union organizations can derail the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organization. Whereas unionization is a federally protected right of the private sector employees, there are many companies that still go-ahead to implement a wide range of strategies to prevent unionization at the workplace. Some of these strategies include coercion and harassment of workers.

To avoid union organization at the workplace, the company can and should systematically take care of the reasons that lead to unionization. Companies can borrow a leaf from Wal-Mart and train the employees on the importance of internally resolving their problems without resorting to unionization. The firm can make the employees feel part and parcel of the organization by putting in place a profit-sharing scheme or an employee share ownership plan so that when the company announces dividends, the employees also benefit.

The company can provide additional benefits to the employees such as health insurance, holidays, and extra an expanded pay structure for those employees who are working long hours. To prevent unionization, the company also needs to give the employees enough basic pay.

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