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HRM 4304, Collective Unit I Journal

HRM 4304, Collective Unit I Journal

According to the reading in this unit, many people may not agree with unions in professional sports. Reflect on your thoughts regarding the pros and cons of unions in professional sports. Offer examples to illustrate your opinion.

There are cases where many people may not agree with the need to form unions in professional sports. While I respect their opinions, professional sports is just like any other profession in the world. The players face many problems that are many and they can be affected by the fact that the players do lack union representation. In the event that

a football player is found to have committed a given offense, the unions, while they are not expected to support the wrongdoings of the player, may negotiate for a reduction in the number of penalties and they can help the player to face a less severe punishment so that he returns to the game. For example, recently in the case of the Westham striker, Kurt Zouma facing extended bans, sponsorship delays for kicking a cat, the unions can come in and argue that the punishment being meted on him is not justified and he deserves a second chance.

The issue of unionization in the referees and players plays a key role in negotiating for better salaries and remuneration of the players and references and these professionals will also have access to representation and help in the event they face grievance issues with their employers. Unions can help the players fight the situation where the agencies actually wield too much power and are manipulative. Unions such as the National Basketball Referees Association of the United States have been helpful.

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