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HR785_ Human Resource Strategy- HR Scorecard Activity

In Chapter 3, there is a greater focus on developing the HR Scorecard. Think of a company that you are highly familiar with---a previous or current employer would work best. Review the overall strategy of the organization, what HR deliverables impact the firm’s performance? Outline 3-5 deliverables and explain how each impacts the firm’s performance and how each deliverable shows the value of HR.

Submission guidelines:

Option 1:

Create a graphic showing the deliverables and how they link to the firm’s performance. Record a video explaining the graphic and explaining how the deliverables show the value of HR.

Option 2:

Submit your response as a written text submission addressing each component of the prompt.

The company I chose to make their HR scorecard is a transportation company. This is company has great services for their customers and I am one of their customers as I use their services too. The company is Marta basically the bus transportation.

HR Scorecard


Overview: Marta Company is well known in the transportation business and their bus transportation is well-loved by the people in Atlanta. It is a well-known public transportation bus company and the largest in Atlanta. With many routes, the company serves a large number of the public in their area of operation and is mainly committed to improving Atlanta’s transit services.

HR deliverables

The three types of deliverables by the Marta Company HR department are: recruitment and selection process, performance management systems, and conducting public hearings and meetings

  1. Recruitment and selection process

  2. They aim at hiring qualified professionals whether on a full-time or part-time basis to deliver services safely and timely to all customers.

  3. Recruiting enough personnel to ensure adequate manpower for service delivery to customers.

  4. All bus operators should have excellent customer-based skills to properly serve customers and increase customer satisfaction.

  5. Performance Management System

  6. MARTA bus transportation has set three key performance indicators to measure its performance of the Bus Transportation sector (on-time performance, customer complaints per every 100k boardings, and the bus mean distance between failures.

  7. On-time performance measures how closely the service runs to the schedule that is within 0-5 minutes after the scheduled departure time.

  8. The Bus mean distance between failures measures the mean distance between the actual mechanical failure and reportable to the national transit database except those that occur at the end of the line.

  9. Bus complaints per 100k Boardings measure customer complaints about the bus service per every 100, 000 bus passenger boardings.

  10. Conducting public hearings and meetings

  11. To communicate with customers on their proposed reviews and adjustments on the transit routes

  12. Get customer feedback and input on the services offered and where to improve

  13. Respond to customer complaints raised under the key performance indicator of Bus complaints per 100k boardings.

Each of the above deliverables is very important for the company. Under the recruitment and selection deliverable, the company ensures that they have a quality human resource that helps provide quality services to their customers thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ensuring adequate manpower helps the company meet the customer needs that require manpower. Under the performance management system, the company ensures the customers arrive at their destination on the required time by observing the on time performance indicator, they ensure customers arrive safely under the bus mean distance failures where buses are always checked to me in the right state to operate without any breakdowns. The bus complaints per 100K boardings help understand where to adjust to meet customer needs and satisfy them as it is a way of getting feedback on how the services are. By conducting public hearings and meetings, the company is able to communicate directly with customers to hear their complaints, feedback on the services, and suggestions on the new input to improve their services. They also get to inform the public of changes in their routes, services, and schedules to avoid inconvenience to customers with last-minute adjustments. The deliverable also allows the company to improve its public image due to its transparency in its operations and customer consideration.


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