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HR421 Corporate Training and Development- Week 7 Homework

Case 1: "Trustmark's Leadership Development Program”, p. 409

Answer the following Case Study Questions from page 409

1. What development activities are used in this program? Why are they important?

The case study regarding Trustmark’s leadership development program describes a variety of development activities. Among them consist of sessions which encourage participants to learn about leadership practices, such as inspiring a shared leadership vision, enabling others to act, and to encourage organizational members with the heart. Another development activity is 360degree feedback, which enables the leader to receive feedback from his peers, subordinates, and self. Lastly, leaders attend a two-day workshop which focuses on leadership practices and the results of the feedback and how to improve on the outcomes of the feedback. The activities described for the program are important to help make the leaders learn more about themselves and how they lead their people. Additionally, they encourage leaders to accept positive and negative comments and learn from them to improve upon their good and bad traits that the leaders exhibit at work, which enables them to become more rounded leaders.

2. What data or outcomes should be collected to monitor the effectiveness of the leadershipdevelopment program? Explain the business reason for your choice or outcomes or data.

Using a succession planning program will put evaluation of all the leaders that attend the program into action. The plan can encourage the use of a mentor, continuous feedback to monitor improvements, or a development plan such as the nine-box grid (Noe, 2013). The business reason for such a plan is to observe the transfer of learning and how the trainees put what they learned to practice. It will enable trainers and the trainees themselves identify if the position they hold is right for them or if they might need to move up, down, or laterally to a different position more suitable for their experience and current leadership skills. If the leaders have to move down or laterally, the program can then be adjusted so the trainee can get additional grooming to move up.

Case 2: “Successful Management Requires International Experience”, p.460

Answer the following Case Study Questions Page 460

1. What steps should P & G take to prepare employees for international assignments to help them succeed?

P & G needs to give employees cross-cultural training to prepare the employees for the international assignments. The steps needed will be 1) predeparture, which should begin as soon as the members get selected. The predeparture training should include an orientation for the

specific country the employees will go to, some language lessons to familiarize employees with key words and phrases spoken in the country to help ease the transition, training of the culture which can be found at numerous websites such as the U.S. Embassy site for the country the individuals will go to or the Department of State website, and business etiquette training. The second type of training should be on-site training for the employees to take upon arrival to the country. This should include additional cultural training that is specific for the local area and taught by someone who has been in country for a while. Last, repatriation training should be accomplished. The repatriation should actually begin in the predeparture so employees understand what issues they may run into when they return to their home country. The training should then be continued 30 to 60 days before the planned return date and should be completed about 60 days after arrival back in the employee’s home country. The reason for repatriation is to help ease transition on returning to the workplace and the home country. Depending on the length of the assignment, change at home and at work will occur. Repatriation will help ease culture shock of returning home to unexpected changes.

2. Should P & G also include spouses and family members in preparation for international assignments? Why or why not?

Yes, because if family members do not get included, the lack of preparation could end up being with the family not getting acclimated to the new culture. It is crucial that the family is included in every step as this only helps the employee get the support that he or she needs to combat the stress of the move, and keeps everyone on the same page.

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