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HR 785-Human Resource Strategy MacroEnterprise Inc. Case #3

ØMacroEnterprise Inc. organization has favorable measurements in place that they have used in evaluating their training process.

ØHowever, there are ways in which they can improve their evaluation measures to ensure the results obtained are measureable.

ØFigures help make precise decisions as they are measurable.

ØIn addition, they give clear areas of improvement and show specific progress witnessed within the training period.

As expected by the CEO, the data with figures will be very relevant in addressing the problems as they can clearly point out areas that need change.

ØThe current methods of evaluation at the company include:

1.Observational checklist

2.Performance evaluation

3.Job description

ØAlthough the methods are used, they do not give the measurable data as expected which makes it challenging to evaluate the training process fully.

ØThere is a room for improvement to make them measurable through upgrading them.

ØIn making decisions on which programs to undertake and which ones to improve, there is need to understand the results obtained.

ØThe evaluation using figures gives a clear picture of the situation in the company.

ØIt also allows for a clear view on which areas need improvement thus pointing the right direction.

ØTo use this, the management has to evaluate employee performance before the training and after the training and compare.

MacroEnterprise Inc. Case #3
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