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HR 750- Talent Acquisition & Management- Week 5 Substantive Peer Engagement

Substantive Peer Engagement

Substantive peer engagement requires that students provide an initial response to the topic and consistently engage in discussion over the course of the week. Initial responses should be a minimum of 300 words per chapter, provide thorough information regarding the topic, include citations from the textbook readings and external readings, and include a reference list for all sources. Responses should include a mixture of the following:

  • Provide correlations to information that you noted in the readings

  • Ask questions regarding any of the content presented by your peer

  • Reference additional readings, videos, sites, etc. that provide information regarding the topic

  • Share experiences from your personal or work experience that relate to the topic

This week I am reviewig Chapter 42. Building a Reservoir of Women Super Keepers.

Behind every successful man is a woman. This chapter brought to reality many facts. Woman are not treated equal in corporate America. They are paid less and advanced less than men. However, women accomplishment are twice as high. Personally, I have two son and a daughter. Both of my sons started college after graduating from high school and drop out after a year. Whereas my daughter started and completed college. In fact she completed a Material Engineer Degree five years after graduating high school, obtain a six figure job, and built her first home all before her brother were able to get themselves together. 9 times out of 10 women complete what they start.

Furthermore, contrary to the myth woman resign from their jobs to take care their families, woman are supermoms. We can wake up, cook breakfast, feed the kids, clean the house get a second wind, and step into the work place and perform at a higher rate than our counter parts.

On the other hand we will leave, step down from a position at the first sign of sexual harassment, and any other discriminator acts. Besides, Berger and Berger(2018) brought out that there is no equity in the work place. Men get high profile position, with large budget, yet they under achieve compared to women. They went on to say that compared to men, woman starts successful businesses, hirer better candidates, and gain higher organizational profits.

By comparison woman are influential people. I really appreciated that this article emphasize the importance of 'woman intellect." An organization would be foolish not to hire high performing woman. Woman are the correlation between other high performing women executives and profitability. We bring diversity and should not be treated as tokens.

This is just a side bar, do not tell my husband. My husband has been a truck driver for 28 years. He has been an owner operator several times and he has had his authority once for six months. I on the other hand have no experience as a truck driver. Since our business open in 2017, I have increased the fleet, profitability (from 50K to 450k within a year) and sustainability. Again behind every successful man is a "HIGH PERFORMING WOMAN" I work smart and I play even smarter. count down 4 days until vacation. Have a fabulous week!!!!


Berger, L. A., & Berger, D. R. (2018). The Talent Management Handbook (3rd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

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