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HR 750- Talent Acquisition & Management HR Technology Review#1

HR Technology Review#1

The three HRIS that I selected is Hr.My, IntelliHR and Sapling. These three HRIS work in different organizations and for different purposes.

The first HRIS I picked is HR.My

It is a multilingual HR platform that allows multiple users to sign up. It needs every employee to sign up with their employee accounts for free. All accounts are managed by a powerful role-based user access control system which makes it easier to managed and secure.

Main features are

1. Multiple users can add their accoaunts

2. It is rich in features that make it ideal for the enterprises using it.

3. A free-to-use tool

4. Managed by a powerful role-based user access control system

It eases the work of HR by enhancing online HR and Payroll services, leaves management systems, ease of managing employee time through monitoring their time clocks and attendance, ease of documenting the workflow and task allocation among employees. It also eases the expense claim systems.

The system is useful for small-and-medium enterprises that work on a budget as it is rich in features.

The second HRIS is IntellHR.

It is people management and analytic platform that helps an organization centralize performance management, employee engagement, core HR processes, and people data analytics. It is an award-winning customer support team experienced in HR and change management.

Main features

1. A personalized dashboard with individual goals, tasks, and reports.

2. In-built people analytic tools and feature that helps in people data analysis.

3. The design thinking workshops tailored towards customers help in smooth launching and high adoption rate of the system.

4. Allows centralization

It helps the HR is central monitoring of performance, core HR processes, people data analytics, and employee engagement. It is also important in decision making due to the analyzed data that is available on the platform about employees. It helps HR to align, manage and enable a culture strategy with a broader business strategy to increase performance. It allows the organization to understand the feelings of the people like happiness and well-being through the interactive dashboard, performance, and even team sentiments. Helps managers make future goals and plans on fulfilling the goals through the analytic tools used.

The tool is very useful for organizations that are centralized and performance-focused larger organizations or enterprises.

The third HRIS I picked is Sapling this works well for a distributed workforce. It is good for onboarding, offboarding, and the use of data on people across the systems. It has a variety of software within it that helps improve its functions.

Main features

1. Has several software within it like tracking devices, payroll software, and webhooks that help further integration and services

2. It has a storage system that allows to store and manage the people’s data

3. Can automatically assign work to people based on location, employment status, or department.

4. End-users can create their individual profiles

It helps them allocate tasks to people from different locations and departments. HR can store and manage the data about their people and retrieve it when necessary. In addition, with further software within the tool, they can have further integration like tracking down their employees on their location, task completion, and other performances.

It is useful for diverse organizations with international branches that need to be integrated into one system.

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