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HR 750- Talent Acquisition and Management-HR Technology Review#3

Human Resource Technology Reviews

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have provided organizations with an opportunity to move many human resource tasks from manual to electronic. There are also various web technologies that streamline many tasks. Over the course of the session, students are expected to select three technologies that can provide support in the area of human resources.

After reviewing a 3rd HRIS, please submit the following::

  1. Name of the HRIS/web technology

  2. 2-3 sentence description of the technology

  3. Bullet point list of main features

  4. Explain how the HRIS/web technology can support human resources

  5. Explain what industry and what size organization the HRIS/web technology is best suited for

HR Technology Review#3

The third HRIS I picked is Sapling this works well for a distributed workforce. It is good for onboarding, offboarding, and the use of data on people across the systems. It has a variety of software within it that helps improve its functions.

Main features

1. Has several software within it like tracking devices, payroll software, and webhooks that help further integration and services

2. It has a storage system that allows to store and manage the people’s data

3. Can automatically assign work to people based on location, employment status, or department.

4. End-users can create their individual profiles

It helps them allocate tasks to people from different locations and departments. HR can store and manage the data about their people and retrieve it when necessary. In addition, with further software within the tool, they can have further integration like tracking down their employees on their location, task completion, and other performances.

It is useful for diverse organizations with international branches that need to be integrated into one system.


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