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HR 750-Talent Acquisition and Management Case Study Presentation

ØAccess to quality, timely and affordable health care service sis every citizens' right in Canada.

ØHealth services are fundamental service that everyone is in need of health should be well developed and planned.

ØHowever, Windsor-Essex region of southwestern Ontario is currently facing physician shortage.

ØThe desire by the Director of the Health services in the region is to find suitable candidates to recruit and to find a lasting solution for the challenges.

Challenges facing the health care system

Every talented person will chose to work in a region that great supports or develops their talents and enhances career growth. Such might be the reason why some doctors do not wish to work in remote areas like Windsor-Essex at the US-Canada border and prefer working in the bigger cities.

Also, the Canadian system may fail to give a greater compensation plan unlike the US health care system which might attract doctors in the system.

Most cities will have private hospitals and even public ones are well equipped and thus most doctors will go there to have the quality of their services improved.

Regional Physician Recruitment Office

Having established the office, it is a way to start finding a lasting solution to the challenge in question.

However, without proper policies and procedures neither of the challenges will be solved.

ØThe office has been established with a great role in ensuring the challenges in Windsor region are well addressed.

ØThe role of the office with the Director of Health Service recruitment will be to ensure the Canadian Assurance for Universal Health Care system is well fulfilled in the region.

ØThis should include:

üRecruitment of health professionals ensuring healthcare facilities are well equipped

üensuring there are doctors graduating from universities

üThere is adequate funding to facilitate improvement of the healthcare amenities in the region

üLiaising with the College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario to recruit suitable candidates for the positions available.

A Detailed Recruitment strategy

ØA recruitment strategy should be well developed to ensure there are suitable candidates filing up the vacancy.

ØA proper recruitment strategy should include:

üPublicly advertising the vacancies available and in which hospitals

üA well-developed compensation and succession plan

üWell established training programs to gauge the candidate skills or improve them to meet the needs of the regions

üConsider the pat candidates for the interviews in the region

üAsk recommendations for qualified candidate from other regions

üConsider the needs an desires of doctors to improve the compensation plan

üConsider the available vacancies to determine how many and which candidates to interview

Recommendation for the recruitment strategy

ØTo improve the recruitment strategy, there should be consideration for:

§Diversification- this allows people from outside the region and other nations, races or languages and universities to apply for the vacancies.

§The length of contract- the period of service whether permanent or contacted and for how long.

§Compensation plan-helps appreciate the services of the doctors, the payment, the allowances and the promotions.

§Competencies- skills, knowledge, qualifications an talents that are being sort after.

Diversification improve the quality of services as it has experts from different regions, nationalities, races, genders and with different qualifications.

the compensation plan can motivate someone to apply for the job. Having a proper compensation plan helps attract candidates who are interested in such plans

understanding the competencies being desire in terms of skills, knowledge and experience will help find the right candidates to fill the posts.

every employee will seek to find a job that helps them grow their career hence such plans helps understand which training programs are suitable for the candidates to improve their skills.

§Performance evaluation criteria- determine the competency and qualifications of the doctors.

§Proper and compelling job descriptions- duties, and responsibilities expected.

§Develop transparency in the recruitment process-Avoids bias and gives all candidates equal opportunities to prove themselves worth the positions in question.

§Asking clear and great interview questions- they help determine the competency of every candidate.


Helps determine which criteria will b used to evaluate the performance of each candidate especially during the rewarding and promotions.

The job description will help understand which roles every position requires the candidate to met. The candidates will use this to select the vacancies they fit and understand

Itinerary for Candidates

ØEvery hiring process has an itinerary for the candidates.

ØThe Director of Health care services together with the selection teams, will have to ensure a proper itinerary is developed for the candidates.

ØThe process will be:

§Public advertisement for the vacancies

§Interested candidates apply for the positions they are interested in

§Screaming the CVs. and applications for the candidates

§Shortlisting the candidates

§Conducting interviews for the shortlisted candidate

The process will not just ensure proper candidates are picked to fill the vacancies but ensure they are qualified to meet the needs of the regions health care systems.

With the introductory training for newly recruits, the human resource will understand what is lacking and thus develop further training programs to improve the talents an skills.

It will also help understand the gap existing in the human resource personnel for future training of the candidates especially doctor sin the university. Thus helps develop proper succession plans.

§selection of the qualified candidates

§Sending word for qualified candidates they are acceptance

§The candidates reporting with signing of the employment papers ad the contracts as well as their-r compensation plans

§training for newly recruits to ensure their skills are at par with the requirement

§starting their jobs officially after the introductory training process.

Case Study Presentation
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