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HIST 1301: American History I, Unit III Assignmnet A letter to a Family Member

Columbia Southern University HIST 1301: American History I, Unit III Assignmnet

A letter to a Family Member

To my dear mother,

Greeting my lovely mother. I miss you and I am sorry I could not write to you earlier. I hope down in North Carolina you are doing fine. I am doing well here in Boston but recently, things were quite tough with everything going on in the country. I hope in North Carolina things are cool and father is doing well. I am not sure if he forgave me but I miss him and I cannot wait to see him again. I miss my brothers too each day when I have no one to protect me here but I am happy I had a chance to stand for myself. I have been busy helping around and working together with colleagues from the patriot sides on how to help improve our current situation. I know you would be against it mother as my father is a loyalist and my actions might reflect negatively on our family or even risk our family, but I believe this should be right. While working here, I have realized everything is not fine like father made us believe and I have seen my fellow countrymen go through a lot which made me fight alongside them as a patriot.

You should also know that our country which is among other colonies under England is at the brink of going into a war which seems to be inevitable now as per the current situation. I am really worried about the future of our country and her people's mother. I am more worried about my family so much. Many people here are against the increased taxes and the patriots feel it is unfair for them looking at their situation and financial constraints. I understand them mother as I cannot fully pay the taxes being asked to pay. When I left home, I thought working and surviving on my own will make me grow strong and be independent like my brothers John and Andrew, but I guess I was wrong. I should have listened to you then and maybe gotten married like Mary as father had planned. I cannot afford my upkeep and pay taxes too. I have seen some children go hungry and parents suffering falling into debt further as they struggle to feed their children. Even children are taken to work and help their parents afford food. The situation is worse than before and I fully understand why the Patriots are fighting for their grievances.

Even though Britain has a lot of wealth and has benefited a lot from the taxes we pay, she keeps increasing the taxes and pushing people beyond their ability. Even if they are attempting to recover from the loss they had in the war against France, their means are very much. They also used the Stamp Act and the Townshend Tariffs that only apply to Americans (Scott et. al., 2014). Don't you think we should all pay the same mother? You always believe in equal treatment and had always taught me we are equal, right? I believe you understand my stand mother. What got interesting was that people are no longer using British products and we can now sell our products to the people in this area. I have gained some good money mother, and when I come home, I will bring you a beautiful dress. I already checked around and saw beautiful dresses, they will make you a more beautiful mother.

Although things are manageable here, the saddest of all experiences which have made people angrier is the Boston Massacre. You must have heard of it right? This happened when one loyalist clashed with the patriots who stoned his shop and a British soldier fired a gun that shot an 11-year-old boy. I know you would say what was the boy doing at the riot site but I believe his being shot was inhumane. He was not the only one who died on that day but five others were shot by British soldiers too on that day (Scott et. al., 2014). I have never seen much blood as I saw. It is still traumatizing and that is what made me strongly believe that my stand is the right one to take. The incident also increased the hatred between patriots and loyalists and mother it is worse here than home. Patriots and loyalists cannot be in the same place without pulling each other's hair. I am more worried and scared to even tell my best friend who is from a patriot family that my family is a loyalist. Sorry if it sounds mean or like am embarrassed by you but mother, I should keep my life to bring you that beautiful dress.

Although I am not in support of going to war because it will bring a lot of losses, not just financial but many lives will be lost, I think it will be a better option to regain freedom. The 13 colonies are about to go to war with Great Britain, and I think that will be better. If the 13 of them fight Great Britain at worth, they may win the war. This has caused me to learn some skills; don't worry, I will not be joining the war but I learned few skills to help the soldiers and injured. I think helping the injured soldiers and some innocent civilians will be a good way to save lives and support my country. I also learned some fighting skills for self-defense in case the situation becomes tough and use them to protect the elderly and children as to where I live, there are many children and elderly who might need help.

I hope the letter finds you well and when you read the letter, you will not worry too much about me because I am fine. I have made quite several friends here and I am happy. Keep safe mother and always pray for Boston to be safer again. Greet father and my siblings too. Tell them I miss them and I am doing well.

Your loving daughter,



Scott C., Volker J., John M. L., Todd P., Sylvie W., and Paul V. (2014). U.S. History. OpenStax: Houston, Texas.

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