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HIST 102 Survey of American History II M07: Discussion (10)

Question: What was the “New Frontier,” and what did it accomplish? Why were there protests in the 1960s, and what did these protests accomplish?

The "New Frontier" was a major proposal from President John Kennedy for the United States Peace Corps to assist third-world countries or countries that are still under development. The Peace Corps would help stabilize the country's infrastructure and provide assistance in medicine as well as education. The "New Frontier" accomplished its goals to an extent by raising the minimum wage as well as expanding the countries' overall coverage. The countries that were assisted by the "New Frontier" and the deployed Peace Corps included were not limited to Laos and South Vietnam. This would ...

eventually and inevitably attract the attention of the communist government of North Vietnam.

The protests that occurred in the 60's were between two reasons, one was protest for Civil Rights, and the other was the protest against needless war. Both had some solidity and validity to their arguments, one was just far more acceptable and easier to achieve than the other. The protests against the bloodshed in south Asia were at first peaceful using music and narcotics as a form of defiance, though this form of protest went sour and spoiled when the 1968 Democratic National Convention when protesters when violently removed from the premises. The protest for Civil Rights had a peaceful protest in majority, and eventually succeeded in their goals of achieving equal rights and equal treatment for African American citizens. This movement however came to an abrupt end when two figures in Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were assassinated.

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