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HIST 102 Survey of American History II M05: Discussion (7)

Why are the Depression and the New Deal considered to have a mixed legacy? What were the causes and effects of the Great Depression? What was the lasting impact of the New Deal?

The time of Great Depression and the New Deal that followed after have been observed and have had mixed thoughts by many historians, and that is for a very good reason. The time of the Great Depression was arguably on of the worst times to be an American, or really anyone from anywhere really as the depression effected not just the American way of life, but the entire world itself. It is regarded as a mixed time due to the fact that despite it being a time of poverty, America itself was doing better than most if not all other countries at the time. At the same instance though, the American people were still suffering from…

unemployment, starvation, and eviction nationwide. The "New Deal" was regarded with mixed success due to its effects on the American people and perspectives of communism and socialism at the time of its announcement, and this the result of the rise in popularity of communist ideals in governments due to the success of the Bolshevik revolution of Russia. While the "New Deal" itself was not initially a communist document, it did utilize some minor communist and/or socialist ideals in the sense of its monetary distribution systems. While many people were pleased from the "New Deal" as it brought many out of poverty and gave many jobs and homes, others where less than pleased from its origins and the long term effects it would have on the American economy as a whole.

The cause of the Great Depression was not as shaded or unknown as many may think, in fact historians can confirm that the cause of the Great Depression was the stock market crash of 1929. This in tern was caused due to struggling agriculture, low wages, and large bank loans that had not been liquidated. The crash of the stock market left hundreds of thousands of Americans destitute, having the common man travel hundreds of miles and even out of state just to get a job. As bad as things were for the common man, things were even worse for women and the common black man. The lack over respect, equality, and overall decency to wanting African Americans was so outrageous during the time, that it would inevitably lead to the American Civil Rights Movement of 1954.

The "New Deal" had a lasting effect on the united states and its citizenry for years, and would have effects in the government even to this day. While the "New Deal" dispersed currency to citizens down on their luck and worse of then most, it would result later own in the development and eventual approval of multiple government social programs. These programs would be taken advantage of by clever people looking to exploit a system that was meant to assist the down trotted of society. The overall lasting impact of the "New Deal" on the United States economy and therefore its people would in the end be viewed by many in a negative light and has made many people enraged.

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