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HIST 101Survey of American History I M08: Discussion 12

Review the text and images at Reconstruction and its Aftermath (Links to an external site.)

Describe how northerners and southerners viewed and treated blacks during Reconstruction. What conclusions can you draw regarding race relations in America? Include a brief discussion on how blacks responded to their former masters after the Civil War end

Reconstruction was a period between the end of the 1877 national war and when slavery ended in the southern states of America. It was a result of constitution amendments, as well as the withdrawal of the last federal troops from the southern states of America. Although attempts of restoring peace against blacks Americans started in the 1860's, the actual reconstruction process could not start until when the civil war ended. The US civil war is described as the most significant and bitterest war in the history of America.

After emancipation, the ex-slaves life of African Americans was a world transformation. Although, the southern people faced a hard time restoring their economy and government as well as dealing with millions of freed blacks Americans. Reconstruction tragedy was that African Americans, as well as the whites' citizens who tried to rebuild an egalitarian community in southern states, lacked the way of achieving their aims. This is because the majority of slaves had no place to go, despite that they were set free from slavery. But all in all, southerners were enraged with the outcome of the civil war.

Several northerners were contented with the ruling of the white house, which favored their reconstruction speedy compared to minimum changes in southern states. Others, mainly the former abolitionists, had the rights of an emancipated slave in their mind, which favored the reconstruction process but could include the rights of newly freed blacks Americans. Besides, many northerners felt vindictiveness towards southerners.

In my opinion, I can conclude race relations in America as a failed mission, despite that it is a significant history chapter in the US. Reconstruction aimed to restore union and improves the lives of people in America, but the conditions of African Americans remain that of slavery despite were set free. Although they were legally equal, Africans Americans and poor whites were subject to laws segregation in the south. They fight against white-supremacy as well as political state constitutions disfranchisement. For instance, both blacks, as well as poor whites, were barred from voting.

Although southerners were free, they lived in a desperate life of poverty as a result of being denied education as well as wages during slavery time. Thus black Americans were forced by their economic status to rent land and depend on their former masters.

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