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HIST 101 Survey of American History I M02 Discussion 3

Choose one of the Primary Source Documents available for this Module and address the specific prompt that relates to it in great detail with specific examples.

English Bill of Rights 1689 Discuss the events around the English Bill of Rights and relate why this document has an impact, or does not have an impact, on the American Colonies. Describe the influence of the Magna Carta this document and how subsequent documents were impacted by the English Bill of Rights 1689. The Settlement Of Jamestown - 1607 by Captain John Smith How does Smith characterize the colonizing effort and why does he so characterize the effort to settle Jamestown? What was the most difficult challenge faced by the colonists who established Jamestown? How was this most difficult challenge affected by other demands and challenges that confronted the first English to establish a permanent settlement in North America? The Mayflower Compact by William Bradford November 11, 1620 (Links to an external site.) (To be addressed in conjunction with reading The Settlement of Jamestown. It is not necessary that you address the other questions regarding Jamestown in addition to this prompt.) How would the Jamestown Colony have been affected, or not, if the initial settlers of that colony had adopted a document such as the Mayflower Compact prior to their landfall in Virginia? Be very detailed and address specific instances that would have been handled differently or would have had different outcomes had this document adopted by the Pilgrims been in effect at Jamestown. How the Pilgrims Lived by Governor Edward Winslow 1621 Analyze the letter sent by Gov. Winslow and address the following questions in great detail with specific examples: What are the issues of main that the governor writes about in this report? Is this letter a positive or negative report and for whom do you suppose this report was written? What are the reasons that Winslow would report in the manner that he does? What information is missing from this report? What is the reason that Winslow gives such detailed instructions in this communication and who are those instructions directed to? What are the events that Winslow hopes to influence in the future by this report? John Winthrop, A Modell of Christian Charity (1630) (Links to an external site.) Describe in detail why God has created the different conditions of mankind according to John Winthrop and how does this introduction relate to the theme of this message? What is Winthrop's message and how does his position in the colony influence his decision to issue such a statement? What sort of effect do you think this message had on those to whom it was intended? What lasting effect did this message have? How is the famous statement that was a part of this message interpreted today and does it hold the same meaning today that it did for the people of New England when originally given?

I read the letter by Governor Edward Winslow from 1621. The point of the letter was to give an updated status of the new civilization to the homeland. He wanted them to know about the living conditions and the weather. He wanted them to know about the food. He also wanted them to know about the Native American progress.

The living conditions in America were much different than the ones of England. The seasons were more dramatic and the seasons of the food were different. The settlers had to learn when it was important to plant and when it was important to rely on their hunting. The letter was telling the homeland that they had made great strives in knowing how to adjust when different conditions arose. It talked about the multiple different foods they have and the variety of them. The advancement of this knowledge had brought trading to an extremely important survival for the settlers. The main big accomplishment the letter brought to attention was the relationship with the Native Americans.

The letter was a very positive letter. Winslow wanted the homeland to send more people to the New World. The letter does not say who exactly the letter was to. It says to a dear friend. I was assuming it was someone with a little bit of authority and from the homeland. I went to the internet because it was driving me crazy and it looks like the there was a letter in the same month and same year to George Morton. I am assuming that is who this letter went to. I think the letter impacted the intended receiver greatly. I think this was a way to get a progress report on the positive outcome of starting a new beginning in a foreign place. I think this letter made the homeland more secure with their decision to do these voyages and the possibility of a new life. There are many things that Winslow left out. He mostly left out the negative things. Sickness was a huge ordeal that was left out. So many of the settlers could not handle the new conditions and they got very sick. The peace with the Indians was not an easy arrangement.

Winslow wanted people to know about the peace of the Indians and the settlers. He wanted them to know the teamwork they were using through trading. Winslow wanted more people to be apart of his new world. He gave detailed instructions because the environment was much different. There were supplies they needed that he did not want them to know directly that they were in need of these things. He was also setting them up for a feast to show the homeland that they were peaceful now.

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