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HIS 1301: American History 1- Journal 1

HIS 1301: American History 1- Journal 1

History has been defined as the study of the past from the text. As it studies the past: the events that took place, the way of life of the people, and help people take a glimpse of the world they never lived in or enjoyed. Studying history is very important because it helps us understand what kind of life or events took place in the past and how the people coped up with the situations. It helps people understand how society changed over the years and we can learn from the changes to help in our future and the current world especially in terms of preparedness for natural disasters.

Learning from past events helps us understand how society has evolved and overcame the challenges faced by people in the past. This improves people's way of life as they learn from the mistakes made in the past and thus they get to live new lives. Professionals like history teachers, archeologists, and other people whose career relates to history help explain past events to the current society to help them understand what the society has been through. It also helps the find evidence that supports historical events of the past to pass the knowledge to future generations.

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