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GEO 2400, Assignment #4 Globalization: McDonaldization or IKEAization

GEO 2400, Assignment #4 Globalization: McDonaldization or IKEAization

Assignment Description and Objectives

This assignment requires students to engage with the effects of globalization on culture in local places. More specifically, students will look for evidence of how diverse human communities and their associated placebased geographies are thriving or struggling in relation to cultural influences from global communications, trade, entertainment, and migration patterns.

The goal of the assignment is to challenge students to find evidence and formulate arguments taking different perspectives on a single issue: globalization and culture. First, students will present evidence for the popular

“McDonaldization” or “Westernization” argument that globalization is erasing much of geographical differences between the world’s varied cultural and economic communities. This “McDonaldization” perspective sees globalization as ushering in an era of global pop culture characterized by shallowness and a deficit of deep human connection and meaning. Then, students will also present evidence for the counter perspective that globalization is leading to a world characterized by a surplus of meanings and communities. '

This is the “IKEAization” argument which paradoxically sees globalization as enabling creative, new localized sensibilities of place, meaning, and context in a world in which everything unique and locally important seems on the verge of becoming global and “mainstream.”

Students will construct a 1,000 to 1,200 word essay that describes key issues relevant to this debate, following in general the format and guidelines given in this paragraph and further described below. The essay should be single spaced, written in 12 point font (Times New Roman), with 1 inch page margins, and numbered pages. The essay should include citations within the text and a full reference list; use either the Chicago, MLA, or APA citation style.


Globalization is a manner of interaction and assimilation among humanity, organizations, states among many. The process is enhanced by inter-regional or international trade and propagated by information technology. It has various impacts on the environment, human culture, political systems, economic development and generations to come, and human welfare within the society worldwide. Globalization has been in existent since time immemorial since people and corporation organizations have been involving in trade amongst themselves. Furthermore, firms and individuals have conducted investments in enterprises in other Nations. There is no difference between the globalization in the ancient times and the present situation. However, the current waves are resulting from economic-based policies which encourage open economies that facilitate inter-regional and international trade.

McDonald's perspective on globalization.

According to Macdonald's perspective on globalization, he views globalization as an individual conducting trade in all countries worldwide without barriers. For instances, one can have manufacturing plants in many nations of the world and sell them around the globe too but commanding the transport and communication from a centralized point like America. Where air transportation, standard telephone communications, large water vessels, instant capital flows make the world relatively independent. Fiscal services, technical know-how, and raw materials recurrently move across the international borders. Alongside products and finances, proficient ideas and cultural values flow with ease. Consequences many people yielding into the trend and welcomed it. However, for world's people, the business-guided globalization requires avoiding the past form of life which threatens the livelihoods and cultures.

Like the McDonald's which focus on selling of exclusively carbonated drinks offered by Coca-Cola essentially from strategic coalitions, one can follow suit. For instance, operating financial organizations like bank services such as Equity banking system can be globalized. Adjust the customers borrowing interest rates from all its branches accordance to his clients' tastes.

In addition to this, the eating culture of individuals can be affected directly through; coming up with facilities that subsidize their prices is an essential aspect in promoting the global well-being of humanity. Like McDonald's fast-food industry which was later converted to conveniently leisure and recreation facility. Those cheap foods which are accepted by the public should be provided at all times. For instance, provision of cheap biscuits which are of standard quality promotes globalization and cultural well-being. However, those sites for meals especially restaurants can change their operations from little nourishment to recreation as well as venues for international and local conferences. Provision of locally accepted food stuff promotes the social culture of the consumers.

Moreover, provision of services based on age, purpose, and gender of the parties involved gives every single member a sense of belonging. This ensures you meet all levels of society. Such as facilitation for the young lovers on a Valentine, provision of favorite foods for children and general environment should be conducive.

Consequently, when the McDonald's impact on the consumption habit, a shock is induced to the cultural norms of some countries. This has caused cultural erosion for residents globally. Erosion has taken effect both in the sector of consumption and also for young families who tend to "play my game," which is some cultural set-up is regarded as a vice.

IKEA perspective

IKEA is the best furniture supplier with original, stylish design and cheaply designed furniture, having 313 outlets in 38 countries. It had the large and excellent supply chain management with modern information technology. IKEA globalization strategy was set to promote its selling power of their furniture worldwide. But, the approach gives an assumption that one design of their furniture is suitable for every consumer. It sold a large number of their furniture to accessories. With different types of products, it entered into the biggest market and emerged among the top 50 on the list. Though it has proven itself to be successful in Japan; it knows it is not suitable itself to the necessary cultural aspects and believes that standardizing their products and maintains it unique. However, it can be presumed that its success is due to lack of direct competitors.

For IKAE to outdo their competitors, had to expand its market globally. They established their fist store in China, where they realized several social problems as well as traditions. They located their stores in less expensive areas, bearing in mind that, furniture is not bought on a daily basis. They also eluded from paying higher rents had they established them in busy areas. They sold their products by "Do it yourself principle." The principle was not that useful as they were to motivate their customers to appreciate the commodity as a result buy as much as they wish to. However, it Claimed to have decentralized its functions ranging from Human resource and store management.

The global expansion of companies helps in the creation of employment opportunities to the general society. The downside of the source of income for the households. This at the long run, improves the living standards hence general growth and development in the economy.

For the case of "Do it yourself principle," customers ought to have market knowledge of the existing product in the market. Therefore, this implies that the stores to be set in the busy areas for them to have easy access.

IKEA strategy and vision for the company and its employees is to help as many people as possible to have better living standards. Even their customers and community, to benefit from it through better welfare. If they support their employees, then they will be motivated the most and commit themselves to the productivity of the company.

With well-established information technology system, IKEA gets quick information which facilitates the improvements in the areas of weaknesses. Through the creative nature of the Information Technology support group, IKEA makes benevolent decisions that help the company stabilizing.

Based on IKEA argument on globalization, it is clear that the general society's welfare is looked. Employees health is treated with vigilance; this gives them an impetus of perfection. In the consequences set-up, labor is mobilizing to improve their productivity through promotions, increased payments and providing dividends to some. Who are you to sleep on a job when everything is working well?

My take on Globalization.

I am indifferent of the two perspectives, the impacts of globalization are evident from both the McDonald and IKEA perspectives. Based on their views, it is clear that there is a general economic development from based on the fact that globalization can create new opportunities, generate better ideas and open new markets which an entrepreneur may not have had in their home country. Also, globalization brings significant impact on political arena as well as social domain, culturally is regarding ideology and thought process among people. Political wise, there dominant onset of Western mode of democratic influence.

Despite the real impacts, there outstands the negative side of the. Development in the international trades is breeding income inequalities, to both industrialized and less industrialized nations. Global commerce, on the other hand, is increasingly dominated by transnational corporations which seek to optimize the revenues regardless of the development needs of an individual nation or the local community. Protective regulations in industrialized countries prevent many producers in the less developed countries from accessing export markets. The volume and oscillations of factors of production such as capital flows increase the risks of banking especially in countries whose financial institutions are weak. Competitions among some developing countries to attract investments from abroad may lead to the degradation..


Globalization has the immense impact on human worldwide, and its effects can be demonstrated from two aspects: beneficial impact and negative results. Its significance refers to promoting the development technology, improving the resource allocation, boosting human civilization. Its negative consequences focus on the volatility of the world economy and global economic challenges. Globalization's positive impact on people outweighs its adverse effects. The process can result to enjoyment for consumers, while also affecting their ability to consume the commodity, causes cultural bottlenecks and has an impact on the general way of life. Globalization is an irresistible trend, and Globalization can give beneficial effects on consumer


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