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Examine a situation you selected for your Organizational Dynamics Analysis from a political perspect

Examine a situation you selected for your Organizational Dynamics Analysis from a political perspective.

What coalitions exist and what are their goals?

What is the impact of conflict, power and negotiation on the issue in achieving the desired goals and outcomes?

"Organizations are coalitions composed of individuals and groups with enduring differences who live in a world of scarce resources" (Bolman & Deal, 2017). Bath & Body Works has and internal coalition run by senior management down; nothing goes past senior management. Even small changes to a cabinet in the store needs to be cleared by management (Tattersall, 2010). Their goals are to retain customers while also making more of a profit compared to last year's sales. There is an expectancy for entry-level employees, managers, and upper-management to all learn how to sell the product through the training videos. Each level of Bath & Body Works has their own goals, but they all come together for the same company goals.

Not all conflict is bad, in fact some think it can even be encouraged (Tattersall, 2010). Conflict challenges the status quo and stimulates interest and curiosity (Bolman & Deal, 2017). I have experienced conflict at Bath & Body works through subordinates not listening to me as a manager, upper management being untrustworthy, and HR not really stepping up when they should. Being that I was 23 years old and a manager, I had some individuals that would talk down to me, or not listen to me because they felt like I was not the person in charge due to my age. Those few people would basically try to bully me into not having the same standards for them that I did others, and that did not go over well with me. When I called HR for a agediscrimination report they told me I needed to deal with my supervisor and that they did not handle those claims, even though our HR poster said to call them for that. My supervisor was VERY passive, and would not approach these workers about my complaints because she was afraid they would quit, and then she would have to work more hours, or hire new people. She looked out for herself over the well being of her employees on a regular basis. When you have a manager who cannot negotiate or address issues head on, it can create a lot of conflict and uncertainty. And when there is uncertainty, it can hinder your coalition achieving their goals.


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