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Exam 2 Answers

1. Sean is forecasting the time and cost of developing a customized software program by looking at the number of inputs, outputs, inquiries, files, and interfaces. Which of the following methods is he using?

Function point

2. In practice, estimating processes are frequently classified as

Top down/bottom up.

3. Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that need to be considered to improve quality of estimates for project times and costs?


4. Which of the following is a good condition for top-down estimating?

Internal, small project.

5. Which of the following is NOT one of the recommended guidelines for developing useful work package estimates?

Estimates should include a normal level of contingency.

6. The bottom-up approach for estimating times and costs that uses costs from past projects that were similar to the current project is known as

Template method.

7. The process of forecasting or approximating the time and cost of completing project deliverables is called…. Estimating.

8. Which of the following would be the best method for projects where the final product is not known and the uncertainty is very large?...... Phase estimating.

9. A good starting point for developing time and cost estimates is….Past Experience.

10. Reasons why estimating time and cost are important include all of the following EXCEPT.

To help establish a project selection process.

11. Companies are using which of the following for improving the estimating process for future projects?..... Creating historical databases of previous projects.

12. Jose is forecasting project time and cost for constructing a new building by multiplying the total square footage by a given dollar amount. Which of the following methods is he using? Ratio.

13. Refining estimates may be necessary for a number of reasons. For example, a manager getting further into a project and obtaining a better understanding of what needs to be done to accomplish a project and meet the needs of the customer is an example of… Changes in project scope.

14. The backward pass in project network calculations determines all of the following EXCEPT.. . Earliest time an activity can finish.

15. The amount of time an activity can be delayed and yet not delay the project is termed… Total slack

16. On a project network, the activity times are derived from the…work pages.

17. Concurrent engineering, which has dramatically reduced the development time for new products, relies on what kind of lag?...start to start lags.

18. When translated into a project network, a work package will become…One or more activities.

19. The likelihood the original critical path(s) will change once the project is initiated is referred to as…Sensitivity.

20. Which of the following is true about hammock activities?.... They are used to identify the use of fixed resources or costs over a segment of a project.

21. Which of the following is provided by both the project network and the work breakdown structure?... Activity Duration….

22. Which of the following is NOT one of the basic rules to follow when developing project networks?.... Conditional statements are allowed but looping statements are not allowed.

23. _Successor_______ activities are to be completed immediately following a particular activity.


25. If, for some reason, the project must be expedited to meet an earlier date, which of the following actions would the project manager take first? Check to see which activities are on the critical path

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