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Equity vs Equality: 6 Steps toward Equity

Journal # 2

Article title: Edutopia (Nov 18 2018); Equity vs. Equality: 6 Steps toward Equity

Summary (2 sentences):

Achieving equity in school is very critical since it provides an opportunity for all students to be appreciated based on their achievements. The ideas of achieving equity is schools include knowing each child and celebrating their potentials, appreciating what they do best, recognizing their challenges and helping them to overcome their weaknesses without any kind of discriminations.


· Previous articles you have read and responded to in other journals (Text to Text)

As I was reading edutopia tweet, I came across and article by Maurice J. published in November 28, 2011; Gratitude Builds Character and Health. The article emphasizes on the importance or showing gratitude to others, appreciating them, thanking them for being part of your life and letting them know that they are treasured and valued. When students get to know that they are valued and teachers recognize their efforts and hard work, the probability of increasing their performance is very high.

What image could you draw in association with this text?

Students being appreciated due to their outstanding performance.

What’s the most “quotable sentence” in the text?

“Expressing gratitude is like taking a daily vitamin. Its health benefits require consistency and repetition to yield maximum effect.”

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