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English Composition II- Classification Essay- The Three Categories of Roommates

How to select the best roommates?

English Composition II- Classification Essay- The Three Categories of Roommates

After going off to college, we have an option to either live in a dormitory or in an apartment with roommates, in order to learn how to become more independent. However, I chose to live in an apartment, because it appeared to have more space than a dormitory and felt more like a home. But, when living in an apartment with roommates, you have to learn how to respect them, their personal items, as well as how to get along with them. And, after sharing an apartment with roommates throughout my college years, I’ve realized that having a great roommate is very important. Therefore, I classify my roommates into the following three category types: the considerate roommate, the indifferent roommate, and the unfriendly roommate.

A considerate roommate has great habits. They do not smoke inside the apartment. They do not bring their friends over frequently, or allow their friends to stay for several days without consent of others. They do not touch others personal items without permission. They keep their room clean, as well as other shared areas in the home. They are not noisy roommates, but are very polite, friendly, respectful, and keep things neat and organized. They are considered to be the perfect ideal roommate.

An indifferent roommate is usually anti-social and keep to themselves. They are the roommates that might not talk as much, besides say “hello”. They are usually grumpy, unconcerned, and uninterested with a lot of things, besides themselves. They can be self-centered individuals, as well. But, overall they are usually careless, messy, and unsanitary roommates. However, indifferent roommates are usually not considered the ideal compatible type of roommate.

An unfriendly roommate is disrespectful and cause trouble. They are the roommates that do not get along with others at all. They can be noisy, messy, unsanitary, unconcerned, and careless, similar to an indifferent roommate. However, they are the total opposite from a nice person. They are self-centered, careless, and never say “hello”. They can be very mean and weird at times. They are very inconsiderate, and are considered the total opposite of an ideal type of roommate.

Unfortunately, sometimes, we do not have the option to choose our ideal roommate, especially when living in a dormitory. And, although, we may not always have the option to choose our ideal roommate when living in a dormitory or apartment; roommates that are chosen for us teach us how to respect each other, as well as get along with everyone, regardless, of an individual personalities. Therefore, learning how to respect everyone is the key to getting along with others; regardless, if the individual is a considerate roommate, indifferent roommate, or unfriendly roommate. Everyone deserves respect, because they are human. And, living in a dormitory or an apartment with a considerate roommate, an indifferent roommate, or an unfriendly roommate prepares us for the real world and how to adjust and deal with different types of personalities, in which we encounter on a daily basis.

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