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EN105- Unit 1 Discussion Well done

David Sedaris is usually described as a humorist, meaning that his purpose as a writer is to make his readers laugh. Did you find Sedaris's essay funny? If so, what specific moments in the essay were most funny? What made them funny to you, exactly? Besides humor, Sedaris seems to describe something important about the nature of learning -- what is that? To Sedaris, what is learning best compared to?

I actually did find Sedaris’s essay funny. I find it funny the way he mimics his teacher. When she would speak French he’d write gibberish to show how it didn’t make sense to him. I also found his thoughts very amusing. The word choices used to describe the interactions between the teacher and all his peers was where I found his humor. The nature of learning felt painful as if it was a dreadful experience. The learning environment was not a place where he wanted to be. I found that learning was compared to a small step. That tells me that he feels it does nothing for him. It makes you feel amazing, yet in reality does absolutely nothing for you.

Jenee Desmond-Harris writes about the effect of the death of Tupac Shakur on her own growth and identity. What stood out to you most as you read this essay? What elements of Desmond-Harris's experience did you recognize from your own experience? What did Desmond-Harris's essay teach you about how we grow and develop identities in adolescence?

What stood out to me was the way Tupac connected her to her culture. Jenee was a black girl who lived in the suburbs. Essentially she describes having a privileged life. Living in a nice home while going to a nice school. Jenee didn’t have to face the same struggles that Tupac raps about in his music. Jenee didn’t face the disadvantages being mixed, yet recognized the disadvantages others faced through his music. I can relate to her through influence. Growing up I followed the latest music and styles. I listened to those around me which now shapes my beliefs. Desmond-Harris’s essay taught me that society plays a role in our identity and growth. Although she didn’t personally face the hardships that the black community did, it helped her feel connected. She connected to her black roots through style, music, and those around her. It plays apart in who we become as adults.

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