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Employee Satisfaction practice at Ultimo IT Solution


Ultimo IT Solution is leading web design, software development, IT Company in Bangladesh. It offers quality web services to medium and small sized businesses to compete in today’s digital world. It possess the experience and expertise to help web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. Their core objective is to help business owners in establishing their online presence without the overbearing challenges posed by technology. It believes in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered. It offer highly innovative and useful information technological services including the development of software solutions to our clients that promote them to raise their businesses to higher standards. Their highly skilled and experienced professionals provide the entire spectrum of web and software development processes that helps the clients to meet their software development solutions covering the desired needs. They believe in the customer satisfaction and offer their best software services at very reasonable prices that enable them to get benefitted from their services for longer duration and achieve the goals of success in their businesses.

Employee Motivation Job Satisfaction

The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees. But that's easier said than done! Motivation practice and theory are difficult subjects, touching on several disciplines.

Human nature can be very simple, yet very complex too. An understanding and appreciation of this is a prerequisite to effective employee motivation in the workplace and therefore effective management and leadership.

Quite apart from the benefit and moral value of an altruistic approach to treating colleagues as human beings and respecting human dignity in all its forms, research and observations show that well motivated employees are more productive and creative. The inverse also holds true. The schematic below indicates the potential contribution the practical application of the principles this paper has on reducing work content in the organization.

There is an old saying you can take a horse to the water but you cannot force it to drink; it will drink only if it's thirsty - so with people. They will do what they want to do or otherwise motivated to do. Whether it is to excel on the workshop floor or in the 'ivory tower' they must be motivated or driven to it, either by themselves or through external stimulus.

Performance is considered to be a function of ability and motivation, thus:

• Job performance =f(ability)(motivation)

Ability in turn depends on education, experience and training and its improvement is a slow and long process. On the other hand motivation can be improved quickly. There are many options and an uninitiated manager may not even know where to start. As a guideline, there are broadly seven strategies for motivation.

  • Positive reinforcement / high expectations

  • Effective discipline and punishment

  • Treating people fairly

  • Satisfying employees needs

  • Setting work related goals

  • Restructuring jobs

  • Base rewards on job performance

Employee Satisfaction practice at Ultimo IT Solution

  1. Incentive Scheme for All Employees:

Besides fixed payment, UIS have a policy to pay employees based on target, performance, achievement, cost savings, revenue generated etc. Their revenue is the result of employee’s high diligence. UIS do honor their diligence and pay a portion accordingly.

2. Medical Support: Employees’ health & life means a lot to UIS. For employees, UIS offers a range of services designed as a safeguard of their health regardless home and abroad. These range from health screenings to wellness programs.

3. UIS Scholarship Scheme: In order to encourage and patronize meritorious children of employees, UIS provides financial support on a regular basis, students with good academic result get scholarship under this scheme

4. Transportation & Canteen Facilities: For convenience, UIS offer transportation facilities for night shift employees. In addition to that, employees get high quality canteen facilities as well that make them highly satisfied.

5. Recognition & Career Growth:

Based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI), UIS recognize the performance of employees. They have a monthly recognition scheme namely “Employee of the Month” that truly motivates employees to work hard like never before. In addition to that, UIS offers smooth and long term career growth to the deserving candidates.

6. Employee Training & Development: To make employees more productive, UIS regularly organizes training and development session by renowned professionals both inside and outside the country.

7. Work Environment: UIS do judge work environment as a tool for productivity. At UIS, they empower their employees to make any kind of questions and recommendations without any hesitation. Moreover, here people come up with own innovative ideas and thrive themselves working independently.

There are some more additional practices that lead to employees’ satisfaction:

8. Job Security

9. Challenging and Interesting Task

10. Feeling of Team Spirit and Cooperation

11. Work is Valued and Appreciated/Formal Recognition

12. Salary and Other Financial Incentives

13. Good Working Environment

14. Flex-Time

Employee Motivation of Ultimo IT Solution:

Theory and practice

McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y Implication in Ultimo IT Solution

Theory Y:

UIS uses the theory Y in the employee motivation process. It gives them opportunity to work independently. It believes that the employees have the creativity, ingenuity, potential and self-direction to treat the customers and they take responsibility for their own interest. Sharing ideas and views with employees and taking an effective and efficient decision with the participation of employee is a common phenomenon here.

Theory X:

When an emergency situation creates in the organization UIS tends to take or apply theory X for the better interest of the organization. High official decision, strategically formulas and to protect organization from some uncared employees UIS sometimes apply theory X.

Herzberg's Hygiene and Motivational Factors Implication in Ultimo IT Solution

As a leading IT company UIS seems to be more careful about their standards of service and customer satisfaction. Dissatisfactory factors are generally not found but sometime policies and personal life factors create some dissatisfactory condition in the organization.

Motivating factors often are easily found in the UIS as a leading company in this sector. Employees’ feels motivated with the statue, recognition such as the company always uses “we” in its recognition stage. Continuous growth and shareholders eagerness to this company motivates employee to have a chance to work with such a company.

Motivational Management System in Ultimo IT Solution

´ The employee motivation of UIS mostly follow the small group based works rather than the boss based works and also they follow the satisfaction in workplace rather material rewards. They emphasize the work restructured in order to enable individuals to develop to the fullest extent. UIS also tries to motivate their employees individually that their work time will become more meaningful and challenging through self-motivation.

´ The participative system was found to be the most effective in that it satisfies the whole range of human needs. Major decisions are taken by groups themselves and these results in achieving high targets and excellent productivity. There is complete trust within the group and the sense of participation leads to a high degree of motivation.

´ UIS uses these four types of styles to motivate their employees in their different situations when they face any types of employee motivation problems. When the employees don’t be motivated then the company uses the exploitative-authoritative motivation program and also uses the benevolent-authoritative. By counseling they use the consultative motivation program and by the participation of all employees they user the participative motivation program.

´ The employee will work more and more when their outcome will be equal or more than their expectation. They will be also motivated when a relationship between what they want and what they get is positive. If the company evaluates their employees work then the employees will be motivated to do more work to gain performance reward and UIS does these kinds of works for motivating their employee

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs practiced by

Ultimo IT Solution

Physiological Needs

As Maslow’s theories state that an individual will be motivated to fulfill his first need, which is physiological needs. Ultimo IT Solution seems to be strongly influenced by this part of the theory. The minimum salary for the lowest managerial position in UIS is 28,000 taka and in the office staff starting salary is 10,000 taka. Maslow’s physiological needs means the biological needs human requires surviving such food, clean water. So it is clear that a UIS Employee has better probability to satisfy the biological needs as the monthly salary is higher than most of the other companies in Bangladesh. This higher salary policy has proved milestone for UIS. As it offers a handsome salary at the very starting point of career UIS has been able to recruit the most highly skilled employees. A high salaried job is much more attractive to the freshly graduated skilled applicants. This salary philosophy (putting more money to the base salary) has also helped them keeping the skilled productive workforce at their company.

Safety Need

Maslow’s safety need is emphasized in UIS ltd. They have included so much to make employees more protected, secure and stable in their workplace. UIS ltd is building a pension fund for it employees. It also invests in a provident fund. 10% of the salary is paid on a monthly basis into the fund. Employees are also entitled and covered by health and medical insurance. This also applies to family member. UIS also provides monthly education grants for children under age of 21 to all employees. The grant is fixed for each child. This type of financial security has made UIS employees more comfortable at their jobs. As our results suggest that the medical insurance is very useful to every employee. They are mainly using it for their sick parents of elderly persons in the family. The workplace has also taken into account to give the employees best safety at the place. Sophisticated software and computerized security system to keep the whole place from the safety of fire, theft, robbery and any kind of unwanted event. Another issue in within the UIS employees is child care service. Around half of the employees are woman and among them around two third are married and with little children. Over half of them missed office because of some child issues. So UIS would make this female employees more motivated if they plan to provide a child care service in the office space.

Social Need

Maslow’s social need indicates love, affection, and a sense of belongingness in one's relationships with other persons. Examples of these needs are work groups, teamwork, and company good relationship with co-workers. Humans are inherently social and friendly creatures, and to deprive this need for affection will prohibit the individual from obtaining a higher plateau on Maslow's hierarchy. Friendships are beneficial to humans at home and in the workplace, but some employers do not realize the importance of this association. We are all aware that humans form meaningful relationships outside of the workplace, but the value of establishing enjoyable relations within the workplace is often underestimated. Research has shown that promoting social interaction among employees will "increase morale and productivity. UIS requires each employee to attend in the “discussion time” of the team work to strengthen interpersonal relationships. Also a new employee need to attend the orientation and after that he/she stays under supervision of two or three experienced colleague and a senior supervisor during the training period to alleviate the left out feeling of a new comer.

Esteem Needs

Maslow defined esteem needs as the level of fulfillment a person feels in the workplace such as respect, prestige, recognition, need for self-esteem, personal sense of competence and mastery in opinion, humans are egocentric, and everyone likes to be praised. This is part of this need fulfillment. Results states at UIS employees like to be appreciated and recognized for job. This motivates them to continue working hard for the company. Performance bonuses are given on the basis of performance in a given year. This happens after the yearly appraisal. Most lucrative to mention about rewarding provided by the recognition for “Employee of the Month” is made each month that drives the employee motivation level to greater extent.

Self-Actualization Needs

The last level of Maslow's hierarchy, the pinnacle of achievement, is the level of self-actualization. The need to grow and use one's abilities to the fullest and most creative extent. UIS offer challenging and meaningful work assignments which enable innovation, creativity, and progress according to long-term goals. There is a saying- "What a man can be, he must be.” This need we may call self-actualization. According to our observation in UIS each year around 2% employee reaches this phase where they feel their potential is truly paid off (employees who get promoted at the top level management).

Speech from the trainer

1. Positive Attitude: See human beings are like radio stations. We emit a frequency. As a result, we attract the same kind of people around us. Musicians, geeks, sportsters, all somehow hangout with their own types. Now, when you emit positive thoughts and show positivity in your body language – you attract other positive people and positive events will start happening in your life.

2. Never giving up: We all fail. All of us. It is only natural. But the difference between winners and losers is this – winners never give up. I mean you might try 20 times and then finally give up, but you never know if the thing hits the success button on your 21st attempt. Please, never, never and NEVER give up.

3. Playing with your strengths: If you are great at problem-solving, if people come to you for your advice when they face a crisis in their lives – that means this is your strength area. Now, doesn’t that make more sense to choose a career where your natural expertise or talent is the number one requirement for that particular job?

4. Continuously sharpening your saw: All our skills need to be either developed, or sharpened, or made relevant with the changing times and age. You might be an expert on something, but sooner or later it will fade or you would be attacked by competition. The only way to be a winner at all times, is by continuous focus on learning and developing yourself – on a daily basis!

5. Being Grateful: If you are reading this write-up, it might be you are already within the top 10% of the entire population of this country in terms of education or even socio­economic class. You are blessed and privileged already. Please focus on the positives of life, on what God has already given to you. Just be happy, positive, and grateful ­ and we all will shine


Studying the organization we have found that, the organization has so many facilities for the employees. Their salary, working environment, leadership style, management procedure etc. are very impressive for employees to be satisfied. Some motivation theories are strongly practiced by the organization. Yet there are some facts that are impediment to satisfaction. We wish the company will shine.

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