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EH 3341, Technical Writing Unit 1 Assignment Completed

Audience Analysis Assignment

Part 1: Audience profile

Who are my readers?

My Audience is all employees in our organization; both newly recruited and old employees in the organization. The letter addresses employees within my experience level and below within the organization.

What are my reader’ attitudes and expectations?

Being our organization’s employees who we are very close and have good relationship, they have positive attitude toward reading the work as it will help them abide to company’s ethical standards. The readers’ expectations are learning more about company’s ethical standards and various ways they can implement them in the work place.

How will my reader use my document?

The document will be sent to the readers via email thus making it easier for them to access it. The readers will use the document in familiarizing and remind themselves about organization’s ethical policies and reminding them of important of adhering to the ethical standards and policies.

Part II: letter to the audience readers

DATE: 25th June 208

TO: All Company’s Employees

FROM: Human Resources Director

SUBJECT: Ethical Standards and Guidelines in the workplace

Dear Employees,

Recently, the Human Resource Department has received various concerns regarding some employees conducting themselves in an unethical manner within our workplace. Therefore, I am writing to inform and remind you about ethical standards and guidelines that every employee need adhere to so as to maintain a conducive working environment.

The most ethical standards that need to be taken into consideration is sexual harassment, bullying employees, theft, and discrimination. In this organization, there is zero tolerance for any type of unethical behavior and we will all be held responsible for any misconduct we commit. Let us learn to be mindful of others and report any violations of ethical standards so as to ensure we all live in a conducive workplace. As we were all briefed about ethical policies at orientation week, we are all expected to adhere to them effectively.

Therefore, it is my sincere request to all employees to adhere to our organization’s ethical standards and guidelines to sustain a positive workplace for every employee. A strong ethical culture within our organization is important as it will help in safeguarding not only employees’ welfare but also organization’s assets and reputation. As we all know, reputation is one of an important asset that every company needs to take care of, thus, operating within organization ethical guidelines will help in marketing the business.

Finally, the organization is dedicated to ensuring that all employees perform in a working place with integrity and strong ethics. As employees, adhering to workplace ethics is integral in fostering increasing productivity in the organization as well as building teamwork among employees. Following the organization’s ethical standards and policies will enable us as the employees feel a strong alignment with organization’s goals and objectives.

We argue you all follow all organization’s ethical standards and policies so as to create a positive working environment for one another.

Respectfully Yours,

Human Resource Director,

Munisha Adams.

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