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Effects of coaching on teachers, Why Teachers need coaching?

Journal # 5

Article title: ASCD. Research Alert / Instructional Coaches Got Game. @ASCD

Summary (2 sentences):

The article presents a research whether coaching plays any role in making teachers become better educators. The findings are well presented and the conclusion is that coaching improves the quality of an educator’s practice as much a decade of experience in teaching. Being an experienced teacher is better but having a teachable and coachable spirit and allowing others to guide them makes it easier for them in their field of work.

Connections: Your personal experiences (Text to Self)

I am a witness that coaching do works no matter the number of years one is experienced in a given field. I once attended a camp themed “how to raise self-esteem” and it really worked for me, though had always considered myself to have very high self-esteem, the coaching lessons gave me a different perspective of myself and made me appreciate myself better. Thus, when teachers are taken through a coaching program, definitely it will make them better in all they do in their work.

What image could you draw in association with this text?

To be a successful teacher, coaching/training is very vital as it helps in bettering their skills thus leading to growth.

What’s the most “quotable sentence” in the text?

“Coaching, they estimate, has a more positive effect—in terms of improving teachers' abilities to deliver content and concepts—than traditional PD methods.”

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