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Effect of Industrial Revolution in the US: 1865 - 1920

Effect of Industrial Revolution in the US: 1865 - 1920

Part I: Thesis Statement

The end of the civil war marked a turning point for US residence with industrial revolution taking over. In one or the other, almost each and every aspect of human life was influenced due to unpredictable changes of events that took place drastically in the society, politics and the national economy. The industrial revolution affected manufacturing processes, farming, and legislative leading to increased wealth and prosperity in the United States of America. Nonetheless, the industrial revolution had a negative impact on the society as well such as increased population in cities raising the alarm over the national health (Shafer, McLemore, & Augspurger, 1966). Therefore, this paper concentrates on the main aspects of industrial revolution in United States of America that occurred between 1865 and 1920 after the civil war which affected the county politically, economically, physically, and its effect on the community at large

Part II

Major Aspects of Industrialisation

Between the year 1865 and 1920, after the civil war, the three major industrial revolutions include; technological innovations, entrepreneurship, transport and communication (Revolution, 2016). Even though these industrial revolutions impacted the society positively regarding agriculture, economy and general life, they had some negative effects too(Adelstein, 2012).

Five Major Groups Affected during the Period of Industrial Revolution

During the era of industrial revolution between the year 1865 and 1920, several groups of individuals were either affected positively or negatively. Five major groups include Native American who experienced drastic changes in the way of life as a result of increased job opportunities. Examples of these groups include political leaders and the legislature or policy makers (Berlanstein, 1992).

The second group is the Middle and lower class workers. The industrial revolution created employment for them in industries. Examples include the black Americans and women in general.

The producers and manufacturers are the other group of individuals affected by the industrial revolution (Adelstein, 2012). For them, new ways of carrying out operations were introduced. The methods were cheap, effective and at the same time more efficient than the earlier ones. Examples of the group include farmers and the businessmen and women.

The immigrants as another group of persons affected by industrial revolution include the Indians and Hispanic who migrated from their home country to the United States in search for job opportunities (Berlanstein, 1992).

The last group is the working class which includes all individuals in the labor market such as children, women, and immigrants.

Ways in Which Industrial Revolution Affected the Life of an Average Working American

The industrial revolution also affected the life of an average working American in different ways. They include increased income; improved standard of living; changed the working time and the location of working; increased health concerns and increased knowledge and skills in the working environment due to technological discoveries and innovations (Revolution, 2016).

In conclusion, the industrial revolution was distinctly a stamp to our society, grooming the eventual shaping of America for the better, and enhancing our country’s wealth and societal standing amongst the rest of the world. Problems occurred during this time, but success was created and replicated onward years after.


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