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Distinguish the attributes of the Doric and Ionic orders

Chapter 4: Assess the methods of two archaeologists whose work is discussed in this chapter. How have they recovered, reconstructed, and interpreted the material culture of the Aegean Bronze Age? Conduct research to find at least one other historical culture whose "material culture" was discovered in the same manner. Cite your source.

Schliemann is the major archeologist who was obsessed with Homer's works and left to find his wife in the sites talked about in Homer's books after retiring. Sir Arthur was also a major archeologist, and he named the Aegean Bronze Age art after King Minos. Heinrich called the Golden Funeral masks he found as the Mask of Agamemnon a word adapted from Homer's book when the masks were found in 300 years.

Chapter 5: Distinguish the attributes of the Doric and Ionic orders. Additionally, compare a specific historical building (from this chapter) to another building in your city or state that uses the same type of column. Cite your source.

Fluted shafts stand on the stylobate on the temple floor, due to lack of a base. Doric is the simplest of the orders with its Frieze decorated with Metopes and Triglyphs. A known example is that of a Doric temple standing south of Naples Italy which is well-preserved. It is dedicated to the wife of Zeus and called Hera I Temple. A row of columns surrounds the cella which is the main room. The columns are very thick and are topped with a wide, flaring capital and abroad, and a blocky abacus giving it an impression of stability and permanence. The Doric appears heavier and more resolute than the other orders, which are decorative and very sleek in appearance.

An Ionic order is more complicated in design than the Doric order: it is taller and thinner, and there are distinctive scroll-like shapes on the capital. This Ionic has its base at the bottom of the columns which differentiates it from the stylobate. An Entablature has a three-panel architrave, continuous sculptured or decorated frieze, and gorgeous decorative moldings. The North and East porches of the Erechteion have come to epitomize the Ionic order and serve as a model of the European architects.

It also has an elaborate carved decoration. The columns rise from a molded base and end in spiral capitals. In a famous Porch of the Maidens, six caryatids support an Ionic entablature made of bands of carved molding. The Ionic is showier than ancient Greek Doric temples were because they developed afterward when there was more prosperity.

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