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Discussion question week 4 "Law Enforcement", Factors making policing and adjudication of transnatio

Discussion question week 4 "Law Enforcement" Please respond to the following:

  • Identify the key factors that make policing and adjudicating transnational crime so difficult. Suggest one (1) strategy that a policing organization could utilize to address at least one (1) of these factors. Provide a rationale for your response.

  • From the e-Activity, imagine you are the police chief being questioned in the video. Determine the degree to which the traffic stops initiated would constitute police corruption. Give an example of a policy that you would implement as chief in order to combat corruption. Provide support for your rationale.

  • I'm sending a website that should be watched to answer the e-avtivity question.

Factors making policing and adjudication of transnational crimes difficult

The popularity of crime issues in public opinion polls is suggesting how critical crime has become in our societies. It is the concern of the every city to eliminate insecurity. The emphasis is caused by the fact that insecurity paralyses the daily activities in a region and that spirals a down spiral to economic growth and development. Apart from economic growth and development is the peaceful and harmonious existence of the members of the society. In response to this issue, administrators and policy makers in the system of criminal justice have come up with policies intended to cut down the rate of crimes and ultimately bring it to a halt (Patrick, 2013).

Strategies to enhance the fight on transnational crimes

The major factors leading to the difficult in adjudicating and policing of transnational crimes is the initiative by criminals to adapt new and advanced technology in conducting their crimes. They have also adapted horizontally networked structures which poses a challenge by the enforcement in tracing and stopping them. They have also diversified their activities and hence requiring the law enforcement department to design new strategies every now and then which are hindered to due limited funds.

There are many strategies that have been designed to assist in this war against transitional crime however, the most viable in terms of strength is building international consensus, private –public partnership in defeating these crimes. The main aim will be to combat the networks of TOC operating in the licit and illicit world. With this, we will have injured the roots of these crimes and that will be a major step in winning the battle.

Controlling Corruption

The corruption in the traffic police departments and all the other departments can be prevented greatly by reducing the chances of hiring persons of questionable integrity. This is because, apart from reducing the incidences, we also prevent bad influence from bad police to good police officers. This can be done through thorough screening of behaviour and critical background checks to identify potential bad police officers. Strict and heavy punishments for reported officers should be instilled so as to tame the already existing incidences (White, 1999).


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