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Discussion 2-

What are two major foreign policy event of the Cold War, and how did the US address then? What caused these events and how effective were the America responses?

In the event of the Cold War, several foreign policies made both negative and positives impacts to the United States. One of the foreign policy was the Containment policy. This policy was created to rid the spread of any communism influences because they believe that it doesn't rule on the will of the people, and by decreasing the spread and it would reduce corruption and negative influence that can threaten US democracy. Along with Truman Doctrine, this help gave aid to the most international country like Greece and Turkey.

Another event was the creation of massive and brinkmanship retaliation policy. These policies were used to try and threaten other nations by threatening them with war and nuclear weapons. This alert Americans to be on the constant look out for communist activities (Barnes & Bowles, 2014).

What were two major changed with American society and culture that were caused by the Cold War? How did the Cold War cause these changes?

During the Cold War, society in America was on the constant alert and fear of communist takeover. They let that sort of fear get the best of them and start making an accusation on various that might be communist spies for the USSR. Another impact was the fear of nuclear warfare and how America was secretly developing nuclear bomb and tested it in the desert that caused a lot of radiation cancer to those unfortunate to live there.


Barnes, L. & Bowles, M. (2014). The American story: Perspectives and encounters from 1877. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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