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Discussion 1· Define and explain the term agency in your own words. What is it, Where does

Discussion 1

· Define and explain the term agency in your own words. What is it, Where does it come from, What is its purpose,

· Why is important to have media literacy?

· What are some reasons you think the media MAY have earned a negative reputation as it relates to rhetoric and audience?

Discussion 1

Under normal circumstances, an agency has been used to refer to a situation where an actor performs in a given set of environment that involves the audience as the recipients of the information. In many situations, it has been used in actions that involve behaviors that are involuntary in nature. An actor here has a knowhow of the activity and what it tends to achieve in the end.

For information to reach the desired destination in an appropriate manner there is need to use a media like radio, newspaper and television among others. It is therefore important for the people to be media literate so that they can not only be able to access the information being communicated but also, evaluate and analyze it appropriately.

As much as the media has benefited the society today, it has been considered to be propagating negative reputation specifically to the people. This is because; it has been used mostly as a way of deceit as compared to identifying the truth hence, promoting very bad influence to the lives of the people. In many cases, rhetoric has played a role in social media where the writer tends to tell or persuade the audience on some situation being discussed. It has been used mostly in politics where many politicians have used it for wrong reasons. Politicians as they are known with deceit, they have maximized the use of rhetoric as a tool to convince the electorates to vote them to power and which has ended up putting unfit people to positions of leadership.

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