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Describe several workplace discrimination issues that you would think are important to understand as

Describe several workplace discrimination issues that you would think are important to understand as a manager. What laws have historically governed these issues in the United States?

Any organization is inevitably exposed to discrimination in the workplace as a result of bringing a diverse group of individuals together to accomplish a common goal. Numerous laws have been developed to govern these issues within the U.S. such as the Americans with Disabilities Act which outlaws’ employers from discriminating against hiring disabled employees, Age Discrimination Act in Employment which prevents employers from discriminating against employees age 40 or older and then of course the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that makes it illegal for any employer to discriminate based those gender, race, color, religion or national origin. It’s important to understand all of these regulations and what they refer to in order to promote a positive work environment that can reap the benefits and potential in diversity instead of battling concerns and unethical behaviors.

Is diversity important in organizations? Why?

Diversity can be a double-edged sword that both strengthens and also exposes potential concerns in an organization. Bringing together the variety that diverse cultures promote broadens the scope of opportunity for growth and development within organizations. On the contrary, it creates a platform for discrimination which should be monitored by organizations in order to mediate any potential violations.

What are a few examples of items that you need to be aware of when trying to develop a diverse workforce?

In the lesson material presented for week 5, it is important to understand the four dynamics or dimensions of diversity as a manager for any orgnaization. The first is permanent dimension which identifies traits that do not change throughout the course of one’s life such as gender, race and ethnicity. Additionally, the evolving dimension refers to education levels, geographical location/residence, marital status, etc. which develop and change as people grow in their life. Lastly, are the personality dimensions both individually and professionally inevitably exposes in any organization which refers to a person’s status psychological makeup and their status within an organization such as manager or seniority or entry level.

News Article:

In an article published by, author Jane Lanhee Lee and Dave Peresh laid out the continued attention drawn to Google whose faced major blowback from the public following their response to recent sexual harassment allegations which resulted in the senior vice president’s resignation that included a severance package valued at $90 million dollars. It’s drawn attention to workers rights and specifically women’s rights which are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment is a violation of

the Civil Rights Act. Google workers are protesting after the multi-million dollar payout urging the tech industry to be “standard bearers in socioeconomic issues” (Lee, 2018)

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