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CY110_ Forensic Science - Forensic Serology Quiz

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Question 1

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Which blood components are directly pertinent to the forensic aspects of blood identification?


blood serum

red blood cells

white blood cells


both blood serum and red blood cells

Question 2

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In the United States, the rarest blood type is:



Correct Answer


You Answered

O .

Rh positive.

Question 3

10 / 10 pts

To determine whether a bloodstain is of human or animal origin, the serologist will perform:


a precipitin test.

the luminol test.

an analysis with Hemastix strips.



Question 4

10 / 10 pts

What is true about monoclonal antibodies?

They are produced utilizing rapidly multiplying blood-cancer cells.

They are produced by injecting a mouse with an antigen.

They are expected to be medicine's version of the "magic bullet."

They can be produced in limitless supply.


all of these

Question 5

10 / 10 pts

EMIT is NOT a(n):


highly specific process to identify drugs in blood.

immunological assay technique that utilizes antibodies.

speedy test to detect methadone in urine.

screening test for suspected marijuana smoking.

popular test in toxicology laboratories.

Question 6

10 / 10 pts

Type AB blood contains:

anti-A antibodies and B antigens.

anti-A antigens and anti-B antibodies.


both A and B antigens.

both anti-A and anti-B antibodies.

None of these: type AB blood has no antigens or antibodies.

Question 7

10 / 10 pts

In which phenotype pairings can the genotypes of the individuals be directly known?


type AB and type O

type A and type B

type B and type O

type A and type AB

type O and type A

Question 8

10 / 10 pts

In routine blood banking, which antigen(s) must be determined in testing for compatibility?





all of these

none of these

Question 9

10 / 10 pts

The amount of acid phosphatase in seminal fluid is ________ the amount of acid phosphatase in blood.


greater than

the same as

less than

Question 10

10 / 10 pts

PGM refers to a:


polymorphic enzyme found in red blood cells.

type of gel diffusion.

color test to determine if a dried stain is blood.

polymorphic protein found in plasma.

plasma-glucose mutation.

Quiz Score: 90 out of 100

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